The truth is that we are already existing outside of time, and all it takes to become a master of time is to integrate that reality into one’s experience – not as some intellectual concept but as a living reality. The thing that prevents us from doing this, even if we live life as a self-realised being, is our soul based emotional injuries.

You see, once one becomes truly at one with themselves (i.e. has dealt with all their soul based emotional trauma and reintegrated the broken pieces of themselves), and has become at one with god (i.e. is in a dynamic loving relationship with the creator of this reality and thereby experiences their oneness with the universe and all that it contains), and has realised themselves to be consciousness itself embodied (which is the basis of the eastern enlightened condition), then the capacity exists to project oneself into the past or the future, and to perceive all possible timelines, without ever leaving the present moment.

In the new Star Trek movie there is a scene where Spok from the future show Scotty his equation for transwarp beaming that he hasn’t actually invented yet (i.e. how to transport someone onto a ship travelling faster than the speed of light), his response when he sees it is “well, I never would have thought to think of space as the thing that was moving.”

And so it is with time – if we wish to be able to literally become masters of time, all we need to do is shift our perspective from the one where we are either travelling through time and thus its slave, to the one where it moves through us and thus the lords of it – every alternate possibility available for us to use in architecting our own timeline; no limits.

The truth is that time is our subject, not us its subject; the truth is that we have the power to create and recreate, with absolute precision, our past, present and future timelines integrating any alternative version of reality to the one which is currently set. And it’s not even a complicated thing to do. In fact, all it takes is these three things…

  1. Perspective – to recognize one’s true relationship to time
  2. Imagination – to co-create the most appropriate timeline for oneself
  3. Emotion – the spark which sets that timeline into action

And this applies equally to creating a ‘future’ vision as it does to re-writing past events in one’s own timeline.

And there is only one block to us each embodying this capacity… fear. Because fear is ALWAYS connected to time. Now it can be a dangerous thing to speak of fear as a block in this way because you reading this will then become afraid of the fear itself because you feel it is the thing keeping you where you are… which it is, but yet it’s not – it’s your compass to liberation. And this is where it gets really cool, because when we begin to understand what internal alchemy really is (i.e. how to use the heart as an alchemical crucible for growth), the way forward to both learn how to master time AND transcend all fear is one and the same! To hold and feel the one in the presence of the other!

To infinity and beyond

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  1. Hey Greg,
    Your site looks very interesting and I look into delving further.
    I am currently fully absorbed in networking with a view to helping create a global network of sovereign, thriving, resilient communities, probably much like you dreamed with one earth project.
    At the moment it seems my action is fed by the idea “Activate all Nodes on the Network” so I want to alert you to some networks you may be interested to connect to, if you have not already. (very exciting to be launched early next year)
    feel free to get in touch, all the best Andrea

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