What human being, upon awakening to the fact that they are enslaved (usually first feeling it to be by the government etc.), does not feel that they have the ‘right’ to be free?

Well, no one has the right to be free. Read on, to find out why…

But first, what is freedom anyway? We perhaps confuse freedom with liberty. Liberty is not freedom (though we usually feel we have a right to liberty too). Liberty is a specific type of freedom from oppression that contravenes the natural order. Freedom itself is a feeling.

And certainly you could say that we have a right to liberty, but all ‘rights’ are not free, they must all be earned – the price is that you exercise them regularly. Whilst we might consider liberty a natural right, the overriding natural right we have is to our free will, so if we happen to have exercised our free will in abrogation of our liberty (or any other perceived natural right) then that is something we must undo… we will have to stretch our liberty muscles again until they grow back. And we can’t really complain about that. It’s just time to get up and do it.

Freedom though, what of freedom?

Well freedom is a state of being – a feeling. A feeling that our hearts all crave for sure, but a feeling nonetheless. Deep inside it is the call for freedom that drives us.

Like liberty, freedom must be claimed, but staking your claim will take a little more commitment. Liberty simply requires that we establish our claim and stand by it. Freedom, on the other hand, requires that we remove every block at every level of our multidimensional being to the free flowing movement of life force energy! That’s a bit more tricky!

Before we go on, let’s first address some sovereignty basics…

NO ONE is going to save you (no one else can).

You are not entitled to be free (you are not entitled to ANYTHING).

For as long as you feel entitled to be free, you WILL NOT be free.

You were the one who committed yourself to bondage (be it to government, partner, your own ego, or otherwise).

You are the only one who can grant you your freedom.

Anyone or anything that you perceive as limiting your freedom is only able to do so because on some level you are yet to grant them their freedom from you.

If you align with these simple truths, you will BEGIN your journey to freedom. If you have a resistance to ANY of these statements, you need to address the source of that resistance before you will be able to even start your journey to true freedom – the journey begins when the resistance to it ceases.

What you DO have the right to, is the right to exercise your free will and:

CHOOSE to realign yourself with natural law

CHOOSE to act in love in each moment

CHOOSE to cease denying your darkness and face the Truth of yourself

CHOOSE to feel the emotions that arise in you without deflecting or projecting them on others

All of which are essentially ways of saying the same thing and which will naturally create the feeling-state of freedom if embraced fully. But you also have the right to exercise your free will in opposition to these choices too.

So why do we not have the right to be free? Because we are already completely free! So free in fact that we even have the right to CHOOSE the experience of not being free if we wish!

Freedom is NOT a right – it is an inherent quality of the human condition. One which we may choose, or not, to accept.

Do you have the courage to accept it?

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