It has become increasingly common knowledge that when we connect with another person we generate etheric cords between each other. This occurs in pretty much every situation we find ourselves in – from romantic relationships, to colleagues, casual acquaintances, store clerks… even concepts and ideas like countries or football clubs. If it exists and you relate to it, there is likely some kind of cord created between you and it.

And with the popularization of this knowledge there has been a huge amount of articles and supposed experts recommending that it is beneficial to cut those cords so we can move on with our lives. It makes sense right? If you really do have energetic ties still in place with former romantic partners that are interfering with your current relationship, it would be a good idea to cut them, no? If one of your parents continues to act abusively toward you as an adult, it would be a good idea to cut the cord that they have used throughout your life to control you, no?

Let’s look at this in a little more detail…

When we have a casual interaction with a stranger or store clerk the cord that is created for our interaction generally falls away/releases itself when we are done with the interaction.

Why? Why does it not stay in place indefinitely like the one with your mother, father, ex-lover etc…?

Because there is no emotional attachment from either of the parties – neither party is being needy, neither party is attracted to the other. They meet, fulfill a function, and move on with life.

This, actually, is how EVERY interaction we have with others would proceed if we were not carrying emotional injuries that made us attach to others (or they attach to us).

Even in a primary relationship – if both parties had mastered themselves and were emotionally mature, the cords created between them would fall away the moment they ceased interacting with each other – they could make love in the morning, go about their day’s separately without any sexual attachment, and return to each other’s embrace when next they both felt attracted, without ANY sense of expectation, obligation, pleasing or entitlement… for anything, sexual or otherwise. An enlightened mastery of life in the moment would make ALL interactions with ALL people this way.

And yet we are not all enlightened beings… we have human needs and desires and we just want to have an easy and happy life, so why not cut negative cords of attachment those we no longer seek to be attached to?

  1. Because cutting cords injures both parties

The etheric cords of attachment that we create between each other are extremely similar to the physical umbilical cord that attaches baby to placenta. The health benefits of allowing that cord to fall away on its own (what’s called a Lotus birth) have been well popularized. In fact there is a dearth of evidence showing that the longer an umbilical cord is allowed to remain after birth, the more nutrients the baby receives. Even just leaving the cord for 10-15 minutes until it stops pulsating is known to drastically increase nutrient transfer to the baby.

Etheric cords of attachment are very similar to this – when you cut the cord, you are interfering with an exchange of energy that IS wanted by the settings of both parties – they are a match to it (no matter how undesirable it may be to your conscious mind, your emotional body tells a different story, otherwise it wouldn’t be there in the first place). Although etheric cords of attachment are unnatural creations resulting from emotional error, and umbilical cords are natural creations fulfilling a loving purpose, the parties to an etheric cord need that cord every bit as much as the baby needs its umbilical (or rather the nourishment which the placenta goes on giving) – although the need is based on emotional errors, it is still a need, otherwise you wouldn’t have either 1. created the cord, or 2. latched onto the cord someone else is projecting at you. It is your nourishment or, if you are the one being fed from, the emotional ‘blanky’ of a hidden and unloved aspect of yourself. Cutting that cord is exactly the same as cutting an umbilical cord at birth (or ripping a comforter off a child in a rage) – it is denying some part of yourself it’s much needed nourishment. It may not be a healthy attachment, but it IS an attachment which is showing you a truth about yourself that you would be better off learning from, and healing in a balanced way, than cutting out in an emotionally charged act of pretend self-empowerment (or quiet desperation).

  1. Because, sometimes, better the devil you know

Whatever emotional injury you are carrying that made you attract the individual you are now seeking to cut ties with is still in you if you have not released it. Until you release it, when you cut cords with one person (who may be misusing your connection), you WILL attract someone else who does the same thing, and probably you will go through the usual ‘honeymoon’ period of positive interactions only to be brutally let down again.

Sometimes, better the devil you know.

Use the undesirable attachment (or rather use your emotional resistance to the undesirable attachment) to show you where you are harbouring an emotional injury that is causing you these unwanted attractions. Feel your way through that injury (i.e. simply feel whatever is present instead of running from it), release it, and end the cycle of bad attractions. If it’s anger, feel the anger, if it’s grief, feel the grief. It won’t be scary any more once you make it your friend… and once it’s not scary any more, it has no power. Feel your fear, it is only an ignored aspect of yourself trying to get your attention the only way it knows how.

Your cord is your gift – a constant feedback mechanism offering the knowledge of self you need to heal yourself and improve your attractions for good.

  1. Because next time it will be worse

When you don’t heed the messages that the law of attraction is sending you through the attractions you receive; when you ignore those messages, pushing them away, the law of attraction simply ramps up the severity of the attractions until you pay attention.

It is your own soul that creates these attractions (that creates your entire experience in fact) because it – your soul (i.e. the real you) – is carrying emotional injuries (mostly from childhood) that it wants you to allow it to release. It creates these attractions so that you will experience the same emotion that it is trying (in the face of your best efforts at suppression) to release.

Do yourself a favour – feel the emotions that your attractions trigger. You will thank yourself for it later (and all the cords you have with everyone will fall away on their own… forever!), which leads us nicely to number 4…

  1. Because if a cord was not serving a purpose for you, it would release itself

As soon as you have learnt what you need to learn (i.e. as soon as you have healed the emotional injury that is causing you to create or allow unhealthy cording with people) the cord in question will fall away on its own… forever.

Whether it is someone else’s cord projecting on you that you have attached to, or whether it is your own cord projecting out to others doesn’t matter. You will let go of their cord or drop your own. Either way, no more attachments for either party.

  1. Because if you do cut it, it will only reattach anyway

This one should be self-explanatory based on the information in the previous points – if cords are created because of emotional injuries we are carrying then when we cut a cord without healing the injury responsible for creating it, it will either reattach or a new cord will be created that mirrors the original one. Saying a few mantras aint gonna stop someone from being emotionally needy, or codependent, or entitled, or [fill in the blank] if that is how they’re wired energetically and just can’t see it yet (which they are if they have cords in the first place)!

The point being of course – don’t cut your cords! Learn from the wisdom they offer you. Feel through the emotions they trigger. Release the cords naturally, so they never return AND you don’t have the causal injuries that made you create or attach to the cords, so your future relationships can be free and without drama. ALL drama and unloving action between people takes place ONLY where there is a cord in place.

Imagine if you could have a primary relationship without any cords? No neediness or attachments, no sexual or love based projections or expectations, no power-plays or demands… not even positive cords of attachment. What could this look like?

Imagine if you could have EVERY relationship without any cords?

This is the future of human relationship, and it is a beauty to behold. To get there though, we need to learn to release our cords with love, not cut them in rebellion.

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Peace out