Email 2 – Promoting the Q&A

Subject: Your biggest questions on law and sovereignty answered

Hey xxx

Jon and Greg, the creators of the Law For Mankind Knowledge Share are putting on their first ever open-to-all Q&A clinic – it’s a one-off opportunity to get your biggest questions about law and sovereignty answered…

…and it’s FREE;

if you don’t know who they are, there’s some more info about them and the event at the link below;

Click to reserve your spot or find out more

Law for Mankind Open Q & A – Special May 2022

No matter how many people join, you WILL get the chance to have YOUR questions answered… because they’ll be using the same system they use to prioritise questions in their private monthly Q&A Clinics:
– After you register, you’ll be sent a link to vote on which questions you most want to hear answered;
– AND you’ll be able to add your most burning questions to the list if they’re not already there;
– Then they’ll answer your questions live in the order that everyone has voted for;
There’s currently no other way to get on a live Q&A Clinic like this with Jon and Greg without donating at least $797 to join one of their programs;

This is free… it’s a one-off though;

Here’s the link if you’d like to join

Law for Mankind Open Q & A – Special May 2022

Have a blessed day