Email 3 – Promotion after Q&A

Subject: “My soul’s recognition of this content is freaking amazing 🙏🏼🧡 ”

Hi xxx

Greg and his team have received so many comments from people having life-changing experiences as they delve into the complimentary Module 1 mini-course of Law For Mankind.

Not only is it a chance to decide if the full 10-week, immersive Law For Mankind Knowledge Share resonates with you, it is also a ridiculously powerful mini-course in its own right…

So many people saying things like this:

What a precious gift to Mankind this course is!Just did Module 1 - boooomLoving Module one.

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Or if you want to go ahead and sign up for the full 10-week course and group study experience, you can do that here

Law for Mankind Group Study Experience Special

It starts on June 7, and enrolment is open until June 3.

See you in there… if you join us


P.S. This is not for those who are addicted to giving their energy to external stories, or complaining about society, or spiritually by-passing, or signing petitions.

This is for those who want to actually be free. Who want their sons and daughters to be free. Who want our world to actually shift and this mutant matrix and its agendas to implode through a mass awakening of mankind who are remembering who they are and the power they have.