Email 4 – Promotion after Q&A

Subject: Law For Mankind group study enrolment, closing in 2 days…

Hi xxx

If you didn’t check out Module 1 yet, don’t forget that it’s only free for the next 48 hours or so…

Here’s the link again you add your affiliate tracking code here)

*NOTE: If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in to access the Module; if you are not already a member, please first create your free private membership; you will then be redirected;

Here’s what Alec Zeck and Josh Del Sol had to say about it when they got together to share about Module 1 and their experiences with it;

There’s already [hundreds/thousands] of men and women enrolled in the group to study alongside each other, and hold each other accountable as they implement it…

Go here to join them

Law for Mankind Group Study Experience Special

Until midnight on June 3, you can get access for the heavily discounted minimum donation of $497;

I look forward to seeing you in there!