Cara tissandier

From what I gathered, you can challenge a statute/rule/legal requirement so long as you have evidence that the rule in question causes harm. Masks do cause harm so you are in your rights to politely refuse whoever is asking you to wear one. In the U.K, you have exemption if you have a medical reason. They cannot ask what that reason is so this seems to be the easiest way to get around the issue. I think Jon said this is true for commercial law too. As in, there should be no commercial law that causes harm and if it does then you do not need to comply as the law is invalid. In terms of being refused into shops, mankind have a right to access essential items such as food, clothing etc so my understanding is we cannot be denied access to these things as it will cause us harm. I guess some shops will want your business, so far in the UK everyone I know who hasn’t worn a mask has gone into food shops without any issues.

I think the drivers license is interesting. I think Jon said that the license is difficult to ignore as it has been around for a long time. If you get pulled over, the officer can only issue a ticket to the fictional person ‘licensee’ but you can choose whether you attach your true self to that fictional person. You do not need to give your name and details as there has been no crime committed, just an offence. So you can choose whether you enter into contract with the officer or not. If you do not give your details and you simply say you do not answer questions then the officer can run your plate and issue the ticket to the vehicle’s registered keeper. Again, I believe you can choose whether you attach yourself to that fictional person or not. We always have that choice unless we accept the title/legal fiction as ours or get tricked into accepting it with their legalise speak.