Delphine Noelke

i totally understand you wanting the lady to stop speeding. i have the impression that law for mankind forces you to accept much more behaviours as you can only act as soon as harm was done (although we certainly need to understand what can be labelled harm). Speeding in a neighbourhood where kids play outside is not in alignment with responsible behaviour as parents are living in constant fear something could happen, so maybe we can say that it is not a good behaviour just because you cannot be hold liable for something ? I guess the question also is why is someone speeding, because of stress or pressure at work for instance ? In that case we all together need to transform the society we live, sort of stop feeding the cause for such a behaviour. And in that sense it is work in progress as Jon and Greg said so well the other evening 🙂 (sorry for the grammar mistakes, but i cannot change my text anymore, i am unable to go back by clicking in the text, so i hope you got my idea anyway^^)