Gary Quakenbush


to: dean; the man: acting as general manager of the Revelstoke Golf Club:

i, gary; the man: do state that i am intending to access the land upon which the Revelstoke Golf Club exists, for various purposes, prior to the estimated reopening of the business on April 21, 2021;

i state that this access will consist of various forms of travel by: foot, without mechanical or electrical devices, consisting of no fast moving parts and no harmful substances; and will consist of interaction with: wild creatures, snow, trees, grass, dirt and ice;

i request that a written schedule of dates where the land will be conducting hazardous operations be provided so that i, and those in the care of i, can avoid those areas at those times;

i state that i do not intend to access any buildings upon the land upon which the Revelstoke Golf Club exists, or interact with any of the following equipment or infrastructure: sprinklers, sprinkler boxes, signage, automobiles; electrical or mechanical equipment;

i request that you provide evidence of damage or harm to your property caused by i, or indicate how my intended footsteps and photographs will cause damage or harm to property you claim as being the property of you; so that i may adjust my actions accordingly;

as i am a man of reason, and respect that the men and women acting as employees to you must provide service to the infrastructure upon which the land exists, and that i intend to avoid the areas and equipment of active operating motorized equipment, and not interfere with the daily and seasonal operations of the Revelstoke Golf Club;

i state that i would consider it a trespass by way of harm, harassment or theft; the using of any of the resources of the: land, infrastructure, equipment, or business of the Revelstoke Golf Club: to harass, endanger, damage, or inconvenience: i, or the property of i, or those in the company of i;

i state that the replacement value of the properly functioning property i routinely possess, would be the following:
A: three smartphones; one thousand and five hundred dollars per smartphone;
B: two cameras; one thousand and two hundred dollars per camera
C: microphones, headsets, battery chargers, connection cables; four hundred dollars per electronic item; one hundred dollars per cable
D: backpack or carrying case; two hundred dollars per item
E: all articles of clothing and wearable equipment; one hundred dollars per article;

I also state that any harm or damage incurred requiring medical attention by i, because of the actions of the men or woman acting as employees to you, will require a compensation of a minimum five thousand dollars;

i state that any man or woman acting as employees to you, shall be held equally responsible for their actions for any harm or damage inflicted to i;

i state that it is required of you to ensure that the men and women acting as employees to you are properly trained in the safe operating procedures for their respective equipments; and are exercising due diligence while operating moving and remote equipment in areas around the land, including areas beyond line of sight without prior inspection;

it is the intention of i, that the land can be used without inconvenience, conflict, or disruption to i, or to the men and women acting as employees to you, by i;

everything i have stated i claim to be true, and will be willing to testify to in public court.


gary quakenbush, the man