Gary Quakenbush

gary quakenbush
october 26, 2020:
to: gary sulz; the man acting as mayor of the service corporation of Revelstoke, located at positive 51 degrees north and negative 118 degrees east:
good day gary s;
i, gary q; the man: ask of you:
1. do you, or any man or woman acting as an agent or officer to you; claim i as property?
2. who in your service corporation can administrate property without right?
3. if the above two answers are “no”; i require the obligation produced where you believe that you, or any agent or officer under the control of you, has jurisdiction to administrate over i;
4. should you be unable to produce an obligation; i require you to produce where you believe that the ‘rules of civil procedure’ apply to i;
i state to you: should the ‘rules of civil procedure’ be applied without jurisdiction to i, by you or any man or woman acting as an agent or officer to you; i will consider that a trespass, and will require twenty five thousand dollars plus one dollar per second that the trespass continues, in compensation from you, and will be happy to invite you to a public courthouse of law to testify in front of a jury of our peers as to how you believe that you have jurisdiction to administrate the property of i;
as i am a man of honour and wish to see no harm or conflict bestowed on any of my fellow man; as a gesture of kindness, i have attached a free link to a public video to help ensure no such instances occur to i, or any of my fellow man or woman, including you;
https://www.bitchute.com/video/bmEdGkrQUA0o/ – ‘Bitchute.com’ , ‘Pandemic Truth Warrior 60’;
i thank you for your time, and require a written response within 72 hours;
‘all of which i swear to be true, and will be willing to testify to in open court’.

love and peace,
gary quakenbush: a man