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    cindy Hurst

    Hi guys, well what a great start we had tonight, nice to be on this journey with you all…..

    Greg Vogel

    Hi there. Greg from Colorado, USA here. Where’s everybody from?

    russell rayne

    greetings and salutations brothers and sisters great meeting i: a man: russell i am near california.

    sarah willoughby

    hi everyone from sunny devon, uk

    i: a woman: sometimes going by the name of sarah 🙂 happy to meet y’all

    super keen to learn how to effectively kick-ass re mandatory vaxxing ie to prevent trespass to both my body and the body of another woman called my sister who is vulnerable/autistic due to previous vax damage and cannot speak for herself……

    Nicholas John

    greetings men and women! i am a man living in devon uk

    i look forward to connecting with you all and learning

    Samantha Stewart

    Kia ora from this island down-down under called Aotearoa New Zealand. I am wahine toa/woman using the handle of Samantha, and I am so pleased to be involved and gathering with you all!! xx

    :alan Deacon

    Hello people,

    i: a man: Alan, living in the part of the world commonly referred to as Bristol in the country known as England, have arrived a little late to this party, but am keen to catch up and share in your gathering of knowledge. Hopefully “see” you all tomorrow xx

    :Keegan :Meade

    Aloha Everyone! i :a man :Keegan-anatole:Meade joyning you Gaians from the central coast of California. Is anyone in here learning about :Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar: and if so is it making any sense at all??

    :Keegan :Meade

    Kia ora~ How did you manage to put a picture up? 🙂

    Elaine Rogers

    Hello fellow men and women; i am a woman often going by the name of elaine residing in North Carolina in the u.s…excited to take this journey with all of you

    Samantha Stewart

    Hi Keegan, I am taking the liberty of guessing that your comment about getting a profile pic up on here was meant for me?! 😉
    I am pretty sure that I added a pic when I created my account on the site, and that it has automatically transferred to here.
    Hope that helps 🙂

    Roz Willocks

    Hi Everyone
    I’m on week 6 (Tusday nights group) and keen to connect with other groups and knowldge share. Understand some of the groups are pressing claims / serving notices. Keen to get involved.

    Gary Quakenbush

    hi everyone,

    i am gary, and i just wrote my first two notices ever.
    i made a mew thread titled “NOTICE” where i have posted my two drafts; once i have feedback from greg and john, i intend to serve them
    in a day or two;
    please feel free to provide any feedback on them you may have;

    love and peace my friends

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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