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    sarah willoughby

    i: Sarah; say i would appreciate some help with writing correspondences prior to notices;
    i, state that i, did raise the topic of cashing in a personal pension last mon eve on the call;
    i, state that the following day (tues) the pension company did deposit £x into my bank account without warning;
    i, state that i did first realise this on weds;
    i, state that i, did call the pension company today (thurs) to ask the final surrender value of the pension;
    i, state that the operative did tell me it was £x + £11k;

    ok this is where i get into confusion so i will revert to monopoly spiel to explain myself 🙂

    i dont know whether to now go after the pension company or the tax man to get my 11k back….i called the tax man and asked for his full name (which he gave me, after hesitating)….i then stated the ‘i: a woman; going by the name of’…..and in a halting fashion (trying to use the new way of speaking) said i require to see the paperwork explaining why the HMRC has taken £11k of my money….he immediately threw blame back on the pension co…..then he asked me to wait while he looked at my case… then the line went dead and i was disconnected 🙂
    (lol…didn’t realise i was so scarey…..)

    so i rang again and got a woman; going by the name of Louise; i asked her surname and she said they weren’t required to give that; i said you have mine, may i ask your surname please? Louise said ‘Smith’….. (obviously a smart cookie)
    i explained that i do not agree with the pension being seen as income and i would like my property returned…
    she suggested there are 2 approaches:
    1. i can dispute with the pension co. by way of saying i do not agree it to be income and therefore taxable….and if they agree, the pension co would then submit an amendment to the tax man to say the pension was non-taxable income
    2. if it IS taxable income i can take up the dispute with the tax man…

    an added complication is that – if i was acting as an obedient citizen, paying tax on pension seen as income, the tax man would legally be entitled to £3k of the £11k…they have been over-paid by the pension co because the pension co dont know my income and prefer to err on the safe side (ie better for the tax man to owe me than the other way around)..so in this scenario i would fill out a complicated form to claw back £8k from the tax man and then would be left disputing the remaining 3k…but i am thinking there are going to be all sorts of snares that suck me into personhood in doing that. On the other hand it means I get back £8k fairly quickly so the ‘dispute’ is then reduced to going after 3k.

    If I am going to use this as an exercise in law i figure the thing to do is first correspond with the pension co. so i have decided to go back to the pension co first….this is my correspondence thus far:

    i: a woman; going by the name of Sarah Willoughby say i, am writing with respect to the pension numbered PP6 018285521 which is overseen by yourselves: ReAssure;
    i, say i did request on Weds 5 Aug to cash this pension in with yourselves, by phone;
    i, state i, did receive a lump sum payment to my bank account of £X on 11 Aug 2020;
    i, state i, did call on 13 Aug 2020 and an operative did state the final sale amount of the pension to be £X + £11k;
    i, require an explanation as to why ReAssure is with-holding £11k of money that belongs to i;
    i, require to see in writing any evidence that i, did agree to this within 1 week;

    signed by i: Sarah Willoughby

    How does this sound please?

    sarah willoughby

    ok so i went back and re-listened to greg and jon. Sorry I am a bit slow on the uptake.

    I see I need to go to the Pension Co as a woman and set my law ie tell them they do not have authority to give away my property.
    As yet I have had no paperwork from them and its unclear where the stolen funds now are. What IS clear is that it is the Pension Co who have chosen to withhold a chunk of my money from me and then submit a P45 to the HMRC citing my pension as a taxable source.

    So I am putting together a notice based on what greg said on mon…. its not necessary at this point to do a correspondence.


    i: a woman; going by the name of Sarah Willoughby; say i, write this notice to you: a woman; going by the name of Donna Sim; acting as head of operations for ReAssure Life; to claim in full my property: funds in pension number PP6 018285521;

    i, say i, did request to receive my property, via a phone call with a ReAssure operative on 5 aug 2020;

    i, state i, did receive a lump sum payment to my bank account of £X on 11 aug 2020;

    i, state i, did call ReAssure on 13 aug 2020 and that an operative did state the final sale amount of the pension to be £(X + 11k);

    i, require to see in writing any evidence that i: did give authority for £11k of property of i, being with-held, or given to a man or woman; acting as the tax authority;

    i, ask for proof that said property is income or that a debt is owing before my property is taken from i;

    i, say that you, do not have authority to deduct from the property of i, and that i, consider it a trespass by way of theft if you, do not return the funds, in full, in 21 days;

    i, say you, may forward this notice to the tax authorities for their records so they may deal with this situation as they deem appropriate;

    i, state all herein to be true and will verify at open court;

    signed by i: a woman; Sarah Willoughby

    sarah willoughby

    can anyone throw in any comments to refine it down to the bare minimum? I struggle to be concise.

    Greg Meanwell

    Hi Sarah, your notice looks really good to me, but it would be good to have jon or greg cast their eyes over it – and check the spell-ing!

    sarah willoughby

    thnx greg – i am not sure if greg or jon are on this forum.

    yes agreed – its tricky sometimes to spot the spells i may be falling into as i stumble out of miasmic enslavement onto the path of being self-empowered and alert to the new game….

    i am unclear about a few things like:
    1. whether i am in effect (because the pension co have taken my money) sending in a final notice right off the bat
    2. whether to give them 21 days or 7 days therefore
    3. it feels REALLY confrontational and therefore scarey to use the phrase ‘trespass by way of theft’ to a woman who just happened to sign a letter to me a moon back or so

    russell rayne

    caveat: i, am not giving advice, i, am just saying, that which i, would do;
    1. i, would do the whole process;
    2. first notice is 21 days; second notice is 14 days; third notice is 7 days;
    3. if she had a gun instead of a pen, w2ould you feel the same; these men and women are traitors, causing great harm and loss; are your intentions clean and honourabe; do you wish to cause harm, or are you, trying to get remedy, and remove all controversy;

    russell rayne

    i, also wish to say, that i, would consider it trespass, if the man, or woman, failed to bring remedy and remove all controversy; i, would not threaten; i would do the notices, with the intent of i, to bring remedy, and remove all controversy.

    russell rayne

    i, am giving notice, to these men and woman, so that they may possibly start awaking to the true power of i, and the law common to i; i, am my brothers keeper; i, am loving my brothers and sisters, with every notice of i.

    sarah willoughby

    thnx muchly russell…..i am taking it all in bit by bit….. i will do as u say and write the sequence out in full to get used to doing this….

    russell rayne

    that you, are doing the process, is amazing; try to enjoy your self; slow is best.

    Delphine Noelke

    dear sarah,

    i just read your post andi do not know if you already sent it, but i have two things i stumbled over;

    1 i would not have written you state they do not have authority as you ask them to bring proof beforehand so give them the opportunity to do so before you conclude

    2 also you talk about tax authorities which is fiction, i would rather write wo/men who at times work as an employee of the tax authorities

    of course it is the point of view of i; stay strong or should i just say stay you ? 😉 i do go the same process of doubting about what is true, what i will write in the notice, it forces you to see things more clearly 😉

    sarah willoughby

    thnx delphine….. i went thro many iterations of this notice and finally sent one out today 🙂

    Delphine Noelke

    how exciting, i sent one out myself and i am curious to know how the woman will respond 😉

    sarah willoughby

    hi delphine – i sent out a notice to a utility company a couple of weeks ago as they had noticed me they were going to charge me a small admin fee for closing my account….my notice asked where i had agreed to that and so on….they wrote back: no worries out of goodwill there will be no charge 😀
    it was only a small victory financially but it felt good to just get the first one out there……the one i sent yesterday is for a much bigger sum and i said a few things wrong (like ‘in’ open court instead of ‘at’ open court) but thats how we learn hey?
    are you on telegram? alexa has set up a group for us to all share in….

    Delphine Noelke

    hey sarah, yes i just joined the telegram group ! i agree, you learn by doing; i actually sent mine to a man in germany so i had to translate the whole thing and i am not sure i got everything right neither; but the essence stays the same, a woman wrote a letter to a man 😉 looking forward to hear from them, i sent it three weeks ago i think and i did not have any reply yet, so i guess they are un panic mode or just wondering what the hell i am talking about ;-P

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