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What Do you most want to know right now?

well we cover these…

as well as all the questions voted for by those who attended live!

Amazing feedback from this event

i loved every moment of it - i was ready! Thank you so much. xo
That was an awesome share last night! Can't wait for the replay. We feel you guys are Divine gifts and the synchronicity couldn't be more aptly timed.
Law for mankind helped it all click!!!! It’s so simple but not  easy to get here… But to find this freedom- this sovereigness!!! Is so beautiful. Such a total game changer.   Anyway, just want to thank you for all the work you’ve both done — peeling away the layers…..  omg!!!!!! To get behind all these lies, rules, words, titles. Mind blowing. 
Christie Fisher
After the zoom meeting [with Greg and Jon] i decided to not wear any mask any more no matter what, and i succeeded in confronting man and woman who wanted me to wear a mask; i was already confident with the knowledge to defend my rights...
Hans Aeppli
For years I have been interested in becoming sovereign, but nothing ever resonated with the different paperwork proposals i  have encountered. I have even seen people do it all and still end up in prison! Not inspiring at all. However, yesterday your information hit home big time. I am looking forward to embarking on this journey with both you Greg and Jon. Congratulations for sharing your passion and knowledge. The time is indeed Now!
Congratulations all on a very energy-packed session. T'was invigorating! Thank you for sharing your vitality....may it become the turning of the tide.... In gratitude
It was a really great Q&A, very uplifting and seemed to clear my mind and give me a true and focused path which is a major relief as I've spent all my life "knowing" i was my own author and no one else, but not really 100% “doing” it, so I'm super keen to align my true self and start living in the real sense of the word free.
I am just ‘gob smacked’, at what i am learning, thank you so much.
So glad to be here. This material is so profound , its very subtle and simple and yet smashingly in your face.
I've taken courses like this before at much greater expense, sometimes spanning years (not exaggerating) and covering MANY complicated issues which are difficult to grasp and leave one feeling even more anxious than before instruction. You guys make it simple. I had so many Ah ha's even during this intro! Can't wait to get started.
Thanks heaps, love how you bring the spiritual, honour, loving way into this... it's what is missing in so much of the content out there, and exactly what makes sense to my soul.
I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed the Q&A yesterday. Most informative and enlightening. So much so that i want to do the full course.
Thank you so much Greg, Jon, Charlie, Joe, everyone in support - i am still going through the material, processing etc and will be for quite some time. Your generosity in allowing us access to all the past Q and A's - as well as the future recordings of Q and A's is greatly appreciated!
i, sincerely and wholeheartedly, thank Greg and Jon for bringing the law for mankind to the world so that i, and the many, can learn to take back responsibility for what happens in our lives; thus returning our beautiful mother earth to a paradise where all of life is honored.
I'm so excited to see the recording. I was with the children while josh participated. I tell you...watching him walk home across the field, his whole body looked lighter... almost like he was floating or gliding. We have carried a heavy load for many years knowing the possibilities of our children being taken, our bank accounts frozen, vehicles taken et cetera...this course is the key we have known was out there, we have never stopped searching for the truth and the way to freedom. Thank God we are HOME together here.
I feel the same Alexa - what a journey! So excited by what i learnt last night, especially after studying for so long. The truth as always is simple it seems! Having the courage and presence of mind to apply is what i need to learn.
If you aren't aware of his course go check it out! Some of the most valuable knowledge to have on the planet! A new course is starting soon. It has been life changing for us... massive relief knowing how to protect our family, live peacefully and free with integrity and empowerment in regards to others, law, governments and court systems. Nothing else out there like this course.
Wow everyone, this is all such valuable information! Thank you so much for the empowerment!
Tal: i, the women, had the chance to pop on a zoom that Greg was introducing his teachings, highly recommend this incredible course, halfway through, already gave me so much wisdom and transformative tools to take responsibilities and bring remedy and freedom! thank you for this opportunity and thank you for sharing it here!
Thank-you so much for the Q&A today! It was very empowering and helpful. i am so very grateful for coming across this lifechanging course. i wasn't expecting the spiritual part of it and am truly digging into who i am and what i desire for my life.
Thank you for the Q&A yesterday. It was very helpful in different ways, and i appreciate you efforts and encouraging input. Keep up the good work.
Well done Greg and Jon! A great presentation of the work. I hope many many people join us and become members of The Sovereigns Way. So much love to you all and many thanks for keeping these fires burning.

Praise from community leaders

We Have Spent Almost 30 Years Of Trial And Error, And Huge Personal Cost, To Discover How To Be In Harmony With The System And Law

And Now We Want To Help As Many Of Mankind As Possible To Do The Same So You Don’t Have To Do It The Hard Way Like We Did

Who Are We?

well, i: am a man; Greg Paul;


i was a very different man 14 years ago though…

It’s 2008 and i’m 27 years old. Life is good. i run a house building company.

i’m not rich – i spend it too quickly to get rich, but we have a very comfortable life.

One day though i start to discover that things are not quite right. A friend explains to me how money is really created, and how the economy really works. i study anything and everything i can find to try and figure out how the world really works.

Faced with these truths i decide to leave the world i know behind…

i decide to break free… completely


i decide that from this day forward it is god’s law that i follow above all other;

i decide it is my conscience that leads the way;

i know in the heart that no man really has power over another and i decide i’m not going to stop until no man has power over me.

i don’t know how exactly i’m going to make that stick yet… but i am.

And so i take to the streets, doing anything and everything that my conscience compels me to do.

i see an abandoned home owned by the local authority that has been empty for years so i seize it to house a homeless friend;

i tackle everything i perceive as injustice in the most loving way i can;

i have countless encounters with the local police force;

i prove time and time again that it is impossible to convict a man without his consent, where he hasn’t actually harmed anyone

It’s a powerful thing… to know this truth by your own experience – imagine how it would change your life…

But it was not the whole picture… as i was soon to find out…

We take on the mortgage company… and lose

Well, actually we don’t lose, but they take our home anyway, and i didn’t know how to deal with that

So we lose our home…

7 months pregnant with our first child... it was disastrous


i know i must be missing something… 

There HAS to be a practical way of living abundantly, without being forced to support unloving systems with taxes;

There HAS to be a practical way of serving others, without losing the shirt off your back in the process;

There HAS to be a practical way of saying NO to other peoples rules that you KNOW are out of harmony with God’s laws;

There HAS to be a way of living in this world and being COMPLETELY free to live it how you choose;

And there is…

The reality is that i, had been missing just Two crucial pieces:

how to ENFORCE the law common to i… not just express it, and

how to balance the emotions that made me feel less than a true man

And so for the next nine years i, go on a journey in search of the knowledge of EVERY law there is – to discover the full depth of the framework of principles and laws that govern all life…

i, meet many great mentors along the way…

a man – expert in the laws of the creator… from whom i, learn the way to heal the soul;

a man – master of the spiritual laws of kung fu, tantra, the TAO… from whom i, learn the way to dance life;

a woman – who lived all the laws cleanly… with whom to reflect my self and integrate it all;

and a man: Jon – expert in the laws of man… from whom i, learn the way to enforce what is true on earth

And Now?

Now i, have four beautiful children and live back on the little island known as great britain, back where it all began;

Now i, conduct my business… as a man;

Now, my property belongs to i, a man;

Now, the fruits of my labour belong to i, a man;

Now, there are no lies in my reality… or liars… anywhere;

Now, no one is controlling anything i, do… in any way;

Now i, still wish to see communities of free men and women living freely on the earth, but i know what that’s actually going to take…

It’s going to take a lot of men and women… standing in their own authority, with full rights

So i, created The Sovereign’s Way, and the Law For Mankind Knowledge Share

And Who Is Jon?

i: am a man; Jon Little

And i too was a very different man… 15 years ago…

Before i, got hammered… before i, lost loved ones;

It was the darkest moment of my life when they came for me


i, saw them at their worst, under fire; threats, lies and intimidation; they wanted to destroy me;

For my beliefs, for my truth, for my honor, for my peace;

How dare i, stand up to them, how dare i, not bow to those in so-called charge;

they had taken my loved ones; they had my magic; they had my heart…

…or so they thought

What happens when a father wakes up to be a man and learns the world is not what he thought it was?

What happens when you do not wish to poison your children’s body, mind, or spirit?

What happens when you do not follow the status quo?

They come for you and they come hard.

But what happens when they trespass upon a man, a man who found their secret?

They lose… they lose every time!


Not only did i win, and come away with their secrets…

I came away with the mother of all secrets!

My name is jon, and i stood in the face of evil… as they tried to take everything from me… in the darkest shadows, when everything was at stake, i learned the knowledge of true law… and i won!

i, had to lose it all to find who i, truly was…

i, am a man reborn, and now i give my time to share what i have learned to mankind

Watch the first ever law for mankind open Q&A clinic where we destroy the biggest sovereignty misnomers and answer the most burning questions of over 15,000 of mankind who registered for the event live