Module 12

introduction nick john general chat

Module 11

introduction john alton lara alexa josh francis greg v rima alan greg m russell sarah delphine cindy alan exercise

Module 10

introduction claim review 1 claim review 2 mock court group action exercise the notice on the gate

Module 9

introduction fear processing situations emotional prep for court first q & a emotions that create situations final q & a homework https://vime…

Module 8

introduction & homework review first q & a how to write your claim example rules of court example order final q & a…

Module 7

introduction wo/man in the public basics the art of asking questions first q & a how to take and charge for orders DUI checkpoint role plays bill …

Module 6

introduction joe's gmo notice 'child custody' misc q & a nick's mask notice general q & a

Module 5

introduction & homework review notice q & a discovery of what is true foundations feedback session

Module 4

introduction & homework review first q & a debt & tax basics correcting the tax record second q & a tax man exercise final q & a h…

Module 3

introduction & homework review law common to i framework first q & a basic notice writing exercise outline final q & a…