We help people to align with their highest possible potential

Despite appearances, personal growth is not a process. It often seems like a process because we spend inordinate amounts of time establishing the right conditions or environment in which growth can occur.

The growth itself is a series of instances.

The process is establishing the right conditions.

The conditions are the awareness and acceptance of the objective truths of our lives.

Our purpose is to share universal truths and help you discover your personal truth in relation to them.

We do this without charging money for any of our services. So if you gain any comfort, inspiration or sustenance from what we do, please consider supporting us.

Our Approach

There are many paths to enlightened self-mastery. The one thing that every path has in common is that they all lead to the condition of being in alignment with universal natural law. The most direct path is one which seeks harmony with natural law each step of the way.

All of the Sovereign’s Way Academy’s offerings are designed with the primary focus of supporting members in harmonising their lives with natural law. We focus on:

  • These real and simple rules of the game of life that have largely eluded self-growth enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike
  • How to apply these loving laws of the universe most efficiently (and gracefully) in pursuit of our own self-mastery
  • How to develop the qualities needed to apply the laws most effectively in our lives
  • How and where to apply them in our own lives to best advantage

Your sovereign self is a condition which cannot be controlled – it must be unleashed. Natural law has lovingly made it that your inherent sovereign condition will unleash itself when you stop telling it not to.

Our approach therefore maintains an emphasis on the graceful deconstruction of your false aspects of self – those learnt behaviours and emotional injuries which mask you true self. Basically, we help you to see how you are suppressing yourself, so you can stop.

We also offer programs and support with all aspects of expressing your true genius in the outer world, but by focusing on this core work first we make sure that all the energy you expend going forward in your life is truly purposeful, and fulfills its unbounded potential. This is sovereign self-mastery.