The year you become the master of your own reality

Walk The Sovereign’s Way to self-mastery with tailored personal guidance and support

During this year long mentorship program I will help you to create the life you have imagined by mastering the laws of attraction. I will help you to discover your true self. I will help you to harness your natural base of authentic power. I will help you to overcome your sexual trauma and enhance your creative sexual expression in the world. I will help you to connect more deeply to your own inner guidance system; to discover your true voice; and to speak and express yourself without fear. I will help you to transform your pain, sadness and anxiety into the fuel for your journey to self-mastery I will help you to end the destructive cycles of your own genetic lineages, and to use your relationships to supercharge your personal growth. I will help you to transform your relationships, and attract the people you need to complete your own soul mission. I will help you to explore your hidden depths to discover your higher purpose and align your will with the universal will.


We will design together a bespoke program tailored to your individual needs to help you create YOUR highest vision of your life. We will deconstruct the aspects of your false self that stand in the way of you and that vision. We will redefine the program every step of the way as your highest vision of your life evolves with you. We will fashion and refashion your reality until it dances to your soul’s natural rhythm.

Throughout the year, we will have regular skype sessions to develop and evolve your program, and give you all the support you could need to implement it. The program we will co-create will draw from an extensive tool box of exercises and modalities tailored to suit your lifestyle and life. You will not become reliant upon any fixed rituals – you will be liberated from them.


Our program will respect and build upon the framework of universal natural laws which govern creation, specifically those which apply to the soul. By realigning your life and your actions with the natural order and the largely misunderstood framework of laws and principles that govern the soul, you will give yourself the firmest possible foundation for your journey through life and beyond. By addressing your misalignments you will move beyond all the painful compensatory effects that natural law is currently imposing upon your life. Everything emerges effortlessly from here. This is the easy way to a happy, successful and purposeful existence – The Sovereign’s Way.

We are the sum of the people closest to us – we take on their qualities, their loves & passions, their fears & insecurities… in a very tangible way. This year-long mentorship program is your opportunity to adopt some of the qualities that you may have been struggling to embody – to become more fearless; more empowered; more loving; more happy, successful and at peace… more sovereign.

Nothing will form part of your program that you do not choose for yourself. You will commit to making this program a part of your life; you will commit to you – to make time for the exercises we define in your sessions; to becoming your own reason for being. 

I currently have two openings for this level of fully-immersive mentorship service

If you feel deeply called to this level of transformative work, please share a little about yourself with me below, and we will explore whether we are right for each other.

I am excited to meet you!

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