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90 Minute Q&A Clinic Reveals The Practical Lawful Pathway To Build The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of, Without Being Coerced, Controlled Or Overpowered By Anyone Ever Again

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Right now, pretty much everyone in the ‘awakening’ community is doing one of two things in a mad dash to be free:

  • they’re either learning everything they can find on ‘common law’, or
  • they’re focussing on their ‘inner work’

Problem is you get nowhere doing either of these on their own

… apart from either adding to your own karma as you try to figure out ‘common law’, or getting stuck in a loop as you try to master ‘inner work’

Because it takes both together for either to be real.

More confusing still is that the knowledge out there on both of these subjects is mostly presented by those who haven’t integrated both for themselves, and so almost all the knowledge you can find on either subject is either skewed or incomplete.

Do you actually know anyone who found the peace and freedom they were looking for by claiming their birth bond? Or changing their status? Or ‘tapping’? Or their meditation practice?
Or any of it for that matter…
Everyone I’ve ever seen who had some measure of ‘success’ with so-called ‘common law’ strategies, is still stuck in ‘the fight.’
Because without inner work, a study of common law has you fighting the wrong enemy, and inevitably moving your life toward the things you’re trying to avoid.
And everyone I’ve ever seen who claims enlightenment or inner peace via their inner work path would fall apart in a week if they stopped the daily practices they have to maintain everything.
Because without mastering law common to i to express and uphold your law in the world, inner work either leaves you endlessly cycling through the same shadows, or it leaves you enslaved to your practice to maintain the happier facade.

The real deal is effortless.

With inner work, a study of common law becomes a study of your law common to i… and EVERYTHING makes sense… for the first time.

With law common to i, inner work has an outlet – right lawfully aligned action allows emotional healing and growth to become integrated… lived… real.

They are the yin and yang.
That’s why every step of the Law For Mankind knowledge share is a marriage of both.
The real inner work, made practical and simple…
And the real common law – your law common to i – expressed and lived
The marriage of inner and outer in a practical path to resolve controversy, bring forth remedy and come to peace… everywhere. And to practically claim the highest potential of the life you could be living.

Without being bound to comply with unloving systems and enclosures, and…

Without being attacked or having your property taken by unloving actors.