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John, you often reference your own situations in court, talk of encounters with the authorities, and/or speak of the amounts you charge for following orders but, have you ever really gotten remedy in the way of financial remuneration from a specifically ‘gov’t’ trespass situation? And, do the court’s really honor YOUR court with YOUR law when you enter THEIR space? Could you perhaps be more specific on the DETAILS and ending RESULTS of a few of your specifically ‘gov’t’ stories where this transpired with ‘officials’ ?

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  1. Great question, to add to it. How do you value such things that government agents cause? As with the question of the man in Australia that lost his job. This harm and loss should be in the millions, as how do you value the stress the struggle these government agents cause, etc. Loss of income, $100k. Causing him and his family serious problems has brought controversy by doing wrong to the man and the family of of that man. $2million in compensation for this trespass, i think is reasonable. Yet, who says it is if it goes to court? Especially with high end government offices whom are worth more than that?