REDISCOVER: What It Feels Like To Have The Power Of A Man Or Woman In Balance

The Sovereign’s Way Retreat

Where we of mankind come together to discover and experience ourselves as man and woman according to law

A 7-day immersion into who you are as a man or woman:

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    reveal your natural state as a man or woman;

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    know yourself as a balanced man or woman in relation to others of mankind;

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    set your own law for your own life & property as a man or woman;

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    present your law to others of mankind to uphold your rights;

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    aligning your life and soul with universal law, so that you are able to effectively express your law in the world;

7 Nights | By donation, from £575 pp | Exact UK locations and dates following call

This is For You If:

you’ve been on a healing journey for some time but are aware that there is something missing to live as a truly free man or woman on earth;

or, you’ve been studying or discovering law for some time but are missing the way to integrate it to live as a truly free man or woman;

This is For You

or, you’ve already received the Law For Mankind online knowledge share and want to embody the knowledge more fully;

The Location

Since the first retreat took place in November 2020, we have convened every month at one of several amazing venues;

Each retreat is different, and every venue provides its own unique environment for our work;

Our typical group size is between 11 and 15 men and women;

The Location
The Location

The Schedule

We will follow an open and flowing schedule that incorporates:

workshops with review of your real-life situations and challenges;

exercises to reveal your natural state as a man or woman;

exercises to reflect yourself as man or woman through the other men and women who are there;

The workshops and exercises will challenge you to:

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    Expose and clear up all the mistruth in your life preventing you from being the man or woman you really are

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    Live under your own domestic authority and relate fearlessly to those who seek to challenge your self-governance

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    Remove controversy and bring remedy to the challenging situations in your life

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    Stop playing along with things you know are wrong because you’re afraid of the consequences

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    Reset all the conditioning that still ties you to the world you are freeing yourself from

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    Overcome every fear you currently have, and be empowered to navigate those you encounter along the way

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    Connect more deeply with the people in your life

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    Overcome the emotional blocks to forward progress with life in general


Due to the nature and goals of the program, we will be keeping our food consumption light;

One fresh vegan or vegetarian meal will be provided each day;

There will be additional fruit/snacks provided for you to eat if needed;

Drinks, tea, and other refreshments will also be provided;


Facilitated By - Greg Paul

Greg Paul

i: a man; Greg Paul devote my life to discover and share a way of life, relationship and community that i have always known to be possible but does not exist on this earth;

i have learnt from many great mentors in life and law - in the laws of the creator, in the laws of man, and in the spiritual laws of tantra & the TAO; my greatest desire is to be a loving expression of god's law;

My work includes:

- The Law For Mankind Course - to share knowledge of life and law with those of mankind;

- The Sovereign's Way Retreat - to give those of mankind the experience of themselves as a balanced man or woman;

- Britonia - to support those of mankind to make lawful claim to their lands as the basis for a truly free life;

i have three beautiful sons and daughters and live in northern Scotland.

"knowledge of the law for mankind enables us to live free as a man or woman on the earth without being harmed or interfered with by those of mankind who seek to impose unlawful systems and limitations upon us;

The Sovereign's Way Retreat is where law meets emotional integration meets tantra; it is about your direct experience of who you are in harmony with law so that you can apply knowledge of the law for mankind cleanly in the world AS a man or woman and be free of the ties that bind"

Greg Paul

Law Of The Retreat

The law of the retreat is that the event is private and subject to these here laws only; by reserving a place you agree to attend as a man or woman only; while at the retreat venue you are there in your private capacity at all times, and you agree not to share any details about the venue or retreat that could compromise the privacy and safety of those attending; while at the retreat venue you agree to take full responsibility for yourself as a man or woman;

That said, the retreat does function as an emotional support group and would thus be, in any event, exempt from any so-called 'guidelines'; further, the 'guidelines' on 'social distancing' would defeat the purpose of the support group and so none do apply to anyone who does attend;

You agree to hold i: a man; and the owners of the property free of responsibility for any harm by way of accident that you may experience while at the property;

If you have any issue with any of these laws and or statements, you should not reserve a place;


A place in a retreat requires a minimum donation of between £575 and £750 depending on the venue;

If you would like to come to the next retreat, or you are unsure and have some questions, please click below and leave your details and Greg or a member of the retreat team will call you to discuss;