Attract, connect to, heal & merge with your soul counterpart

Break the cycle of karmic relationships, or so-called twin-flame running & separation

Or simply navigate your romantic relationships with a little more grace!

“Your support this summer was invaluable. It enabled me to anchor myself in real strength. I have been unshakeable since… the strength you helped me gain is ever present should I ever feel that way again. The fear is gone and empowerment took its place. I'll never forget how you supported me when my proverbial legs felt like jelly. Thank you, Greg.” 
Natalia Rose – Clinical Nutritionist, Author & Founder of Detox the World

My name is Greg Paul, and I have been on a journey of healing and transformation for some 13 years. Not until I was reunited with my divine counterpart however, was that journey brutally fast-tracked through a seemingly endless string of transcendent healing experiences and right back down to the simple reality of life here on earth… in all its breathtaking ordinariness. My love and I traversed through every stage of the so-called ‘twin-flame’ journey and back to union state in a no-time-to-come-up-for-air insane 11 months. We committed to the journey, recognized the parts of the path we were able to, and learnt as we went the parts that we weren’t. It was not always pretty; there were tears… many.

But it paid off and we find ourselves, just 11 months after first connecting, having entered into a state of true soul union – two physical people, literally inside each other; madly in love, but without the madness; in love not with each other but rather swimming in love together, as one unified being.

Three months of bliss, seven months of terror, several hundred hours of tears, one (literal) heart attack, endless Samadhi states juxtaposed by suicidal feelings, one baby (yes, a baby!), eight grey hairs, and one book charting the entire healing process later, and here we are sat in a café, reveling in the ever-so-slightly weird and mind-blowingly blissful concoction which is pure love, cappuccino’s and mustard coloured poop, as one family in union. What a… erm… fun year!

And so, having experienced first-hand what it takes to arrive at the completion which is a true sacred union, and seeing the tremendous pain that so many people endure for years on end without ever getting any closer to their dream of pure love, this is me offering my experience to you to help you break the cycle.

“Your soul light is very very high brother… your guidance has really assisted in the letting go. You are a gift in my life and your spiritual presence has allowed flow and healing where I was blocked.  Thank you and gratitude for your presence Greg”
Rocsi Love, Canada

What we can actually cover in your session:

  • Identify and remove the blocks that exist between you and the natural union state that already exists between you and your counterpart
  • Effective communication skills to navigate any situation with your counterpart
  • Enhance your counterpart’s receptivity to you without interfering with their free-will (by changing you, not them)
  • Transforming your negative emotions into your source of true power
  • Navigating the so-called separation phase
  • Navigating the soul union merge as your two energy bodies become one
  • Processing abandonment & emotional turmoil
  • Overcoming addictive patterns and behavior
  • Mastering the new relationship template
  • How to surrender control to the emotional state…
  • Sexual purification
  • Eradicating your ‘twin-flame’ illusions
  • Clearing familial and collective templates
  • Moving through suicidal emotions unscathed and how to avoid them altogether

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