The Sovereign's Way Academy hosts the ultimate transformative community


Whether we’re looking to supercharge our businesses, improve our love relationships or discover our true purpose… or all of the above, it really all comes down to one thing – harmonizing our lives with natural law. Which is…


The Sovereign’s Way


We hangout regularly online to cut through all the spiritual mumbo jumbo and get real about the natural laws of the universe and how to align ourselves with them for a loving and harmonious life

“I am flooooored. This is incredible, and it is something very important you are doing, you know? Because you are SEEDING new possibilities on this planet that go beyond what most people think is imaginable. And because you are doing it, you are in fact shifting things for all of us, so I have to express my deepest gratitude to you.”
Margot Anand – International bestselling author and Founder of Sky-dancing Tantra

The Hangouts a Community of people who meet virtually to:

  • Share with each other the endless transformations they experience by walking The Sovereign’s Way
  • Deconstruct the aspects of each other’s psychological selves that have been subconsciously running the game based upon wrong rules
  • Apply powerful insights and techniques, based on your expanding knowledge of life and self within the framework of loving laws, to develop the key qualities of sovereign self-mastery
  • Transmute their fear and pain into the fuel for a life of love, abundance and success
  • Explore the real framework of Universal Law that our realities are subject to
  • Receive support with how and where to apply this wisdom in your life to greatest effect
  • Get personal advice and guidance on anything and everything that life is challenging you with

“Your sovereign self is a condition which cannot be controlled – it must be unleashed. Natural law has lovingly made it so it will unleash itself when you stop telling it not to.”

Greg Paul

The Hangouts combine the best of community support networking with direct, quality, personal mentorship.

The Sovereign's Way community hangs out every month to help all members with whatever they need help with – clearing the way to finally take their businesses to the heights they have always imagined; getting clarity on their relationship woes; practicalities of living freely in the world; discovering their true purpose… and it all happens in a safe space where nothing is taboo because everyone is in it together.

Basically it's an open platform where you get to ask all the burning questions you have; it's personal support and advice with your real-life challenges from those who have been through them themselves; it’s a community of like-minded peers to connect with 24/7 holding you through the whole process.

Greg Paul, TSW Academy Founder

What Our Members Say

“I’ve been on a spiritual journey – walking the Sovereign’s Way you could say – for over 20 years. I’ve made more progress in the last 6 months as a member of the Academy than in all the previous 20 years. This Academy is by far the most powerful thing I have ever experienced!”

Karen Pearson, North America

“What you’ve done for us with this [Academy Community] Greg, is create a space where REAL magic can, and really does, happen.”

Greg Meanwell, England

My gift from this program has been the true magic of sacred creation and the healing medicine of love restored. Thank you for leading the way into true healing by creating this academy and being an example to all of us. So much gratitude for your courage, your honesty, and your integrity. You have an amazing commitment to truth and you always bring us into alignment with it as a community. I have learned a tremendous amount with the Academy. Thank you Greg.”

Heather Ross, North America

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The Sovereign’s Way is our passion and gift to the world…

We spend hundreds of hours every month writing articles & books, creating courses & other material, and supporting members freely as they traverse The Sovereign’s Way.

But before we put any blogs out, or make any courses available, or write any free books, or host these hangouts, there’s lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that you don’t see – programing, server maintenance, marketing, technical support, and a whole load of other techy stuff, hardware and software costs, etc.. 

When you click the join link below, you'll be asked to donate a one-off or monthly amount for the time you are a member of the Academy and plan to come to the Hangouts. If you really can't do that and want to come along anyway, just click the “I can't right now” button, and we'll see you there.

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