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A private membership club

The Sovereign’s Way is a private membership club that shares knowledge of law and the Way to be free in the world;

We offer the simple knowledge of how to:

  • Express your law for your own life and property;
  • Harmonise your law with the creator’s law;
  • Bring forth peace and remedy to all controversy;
  • Uphold and enforce your rights at law as one of mankind;


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The Course

Discover How To Set Your Law To Govern Your Life, So You Can Live Life On Your Terms

Without Giving Away Yourself, Your Property Or Your Rights To Anyone Ever Again

A 10-week interactive knowledge share for how to stand as a man or woman at law; learn how:
  • to keep 100% of your compensation for your own labour/work… without lies;
  • to protect your family and property against any attack… without fights;
  • ​​to be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without the need to hide;
  • ​to overcome the psychological and emotional barriers you have to lead the life you know is right;
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