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Knowledge Share

The Law For Mankind Knowledge Share is the online course that we offer; it is the complete knowledge we share – nothing is held back and all the fundamental principles of law are contained therein; you study the course in your own time;

The Law For Mankind Mastery Archive is a video library of 100+ hours of in-depth breakdowns, case studies, and deep dives into every law topic imaginable which we created from nearly 18 months of weekly call recordings with Greg and Jon during the period the Mastery Circle was active.

The Knowledge Share consists of 10 modules that are released to you one per week;

Once you have made the donation, you will receive login information, and when you login, you will see the Knowledge Share available in your dashboard;

The first module will be immediately available to you, and the remaining nine modules will be released over the following nine weeks;

Also, you will receive access to the first of the ten module-specific implementations session recordings during your first week of the course (the rest will follow on a weekly basis after your completion of the 10 KS modules, unless you opt to have them delivered alongside); 

If you’re eager to dive into more content straight away, while awaiting access to the next module, you can browse through the extensive Q&A archive that is also available to you immediately upon enrolment – searchable by categories and tags.

The ten module-specific Implementation Session recordings provide you with greater practical direction and insight in regard to actually implementing the knowledge in your own life;

You receive access to the first implementation session during your first week of the course;

The rest will follow on a weekly basis after your completion of the Knowledge Share course delivery, in weeks 11-20 of your Law For Mankind study experience;

Though if you’re able to handle the extra content and pace, it’s possible to opt in for receiving the implementation sessions alongside the course modules.

You will retain lifetime access to all the content of the Knowledge Share, including any improvements we make in the future; lifetime means for as long as thesovereignsway.com remains online, which we expect to be for many years to come.

The Law For Mankind is very simple, but it takes time and practice to sink in; we have found that the exercises we set and the pace at which we share the knowledge are fundamental to success with embodying the knowledge;

If you have emergencies that can’t wait, we suggest you take the course at the correct pace, and feel the fear that comes up by not being able to resolve your emergencies – go into those feelings fully and stop trying to avoid them; any application of what we share will not do you good in the long run if you do it from fear, so face that fear now – this experience IS part of your course;

We provide you with an extensive searchable archive of Q&A clinic recordings with Greg and Jon, to support you in finding the answers to your questions;

You will also enter into a ten week implementation-series once you have completed the modules of the Knowledge Share, consisting of 12+ hours of module-specific implementation sessions to help you further integrate the knowledge;

And if your questions haven’t been answered through any of these resources, most of the questions you will ever ask have probably already been answered in the Mastery Archive. You can find out more about the archive here.

The knowledge share contains around 2 hours of video content each week for 10 weeks; most weeks there is also an exercise; sometimes the exercise is something for you to do throughout the normal course of your daily life – requiring your general presence and awareness rather than any specific additional time, and other weeks the exercise is to write a sequence of notices or prepare a claim; the latter exercises will take anywhere from 90 mins to several hours to complete properly; 

It is worth adding that you will get out of this course whatever you put in – the goal is for you to come through the other side truly empowered, humbled, transformed, with the actual ability to live free in the world; the most successful men and women who take the course listen and re-listen to the videos many times over – they live and breathe the law for mankind until they become it; they do the exercises, they put it to practice in their lives, they find ways to make it work with their circumstances – they listen to the videos while they do their normal life, and they use what they learn to transform that life so that time is no longer their master;

Subtle differences in the judicial frameworks of every country mean that no two countries are the same when it comes to upholding your law and rights as a wo/man at a court of law; contributing factors to an easier ride in this regard include being on the land you were born; whether it’s your first language; common law over civil law; civil law with right to trial by jury over civil law without; what is the constitutional basis and more;

That said, the UK, US, Canada and Australia are all broadly the same;

The essence of the Knowledge Share though is of how to remove controversy and bring forth peace and remedy to any situation so you never need to find yourself at a court in the first place – they are the underlying principles of all law, and therefore universally applicable on every country on earth;

We have people on the course from the most draconian of civil law countries to the most liberal of common law countries and everything in between; what the Knowledge Share offers is the tools to get the very best out of wherever you happen to be… even to select wisely where is best for you to be if you are not clear about that;

By way of example we had a woman in the Mastery Circle who was born in one civil law country, lives in another where it is her third language, applying this knowledge without fear or favour – the ability to be free is not principally dependent upon the judicial system in your country, it is principally dependent upon your alignment with law and ability to express yourself… all of which is central to the Knowledge Share, you can find her journey in the Mastery Archive recordings now. 

When you are on the module page you will find a ‘materials’ link next to the ‘modules’ link.  Click this to access the pdf of screenshots of the module and any other resources such as your law profile.   There should be two versions one is the full screenshot version, the other is very printer friendly. 

access module 2 resources
access module 2 resources

Mastery Circle

Greg & Jon are no longer holding Mastery Circle calls, however all recordings from the calls which took place between February 2021 – June 2022 are now available as the Mastery Archives.

All the recordings were edited, tagged and categorised to make it easy to find any answer to any question. 

For more information on the Mastery Archives click here.

Mastery Archives

From February 2021 until June 2022, Greg & Jon have held a 2.5 hour marathon deep-dive live session every week with a small committed inner circle of man and woman who have themselves been through the course… it was called the Mastery Circle.

To make this powerful knowledge accessible to the greatest number of men and women – where you can probably find the answer to every question you have ever wanted to ask about how to apply the law for mankind in your life – we’ve made it possible to get the entire archive of call recordings.

Basically, we’ve edited each call down to a 90+/- minute power-packed knowledge share in it’s own right.

You can view these calls in their entirety or dive into the vast back catalogue (100+ hours of content) and search for a particular subject in our searchable video archive. All topics discussed in the recordings are separated into categories with tags, so you can easily find whatever you might need and see all that Greg and Jon have had to say on specific subjects.

You can sign up here

Access to the Mastery Archives

Full unlimited access to all the recordings from Feb 21 to June 22; lifetime access if you have donated for that, or monthly with subscription access.

Access to the tag/category search

Over 100+ hours of content. All topics discussed in the recordings are separated into categories with tags, so you can easily search for whatever you might need in our video archive and see all that Greg and Jon have had to say on specific subjects; want to hear all of the extensive discussions on emotional integration, or how to run your business in the private, or pretty much anything else covered in the Knowledge Share? … then you can simply search for it and a list of available snippets will show.

You can sign up here

All files can be found in your dashboard under ‘My courses.’


The Law For Mankind is a gift we hope to see families learn together, therefore when you donate for the Knowledge Share, we are happy for you to share your login details freely between family members who live in the same household as you;

If your family members live in another home, they should still join separately;

If you are in the Mastery Community, please also feel free to invite other members of your family who live with you to make use of the recordings.

You should be able to go your profile, edit and click location.
And put in your postcode or somewhere in the area you wish to be found if not the exact location and google will come up with some suggestions.  if you click one of those it will put that into the location field and click change, and you should find it has moved the locator pin for you. 

If you are still not appearing on the map please check your privacy settings, profile, account, login information, privacy and go to the bottom where the location map settings are set, you may find the restriction is here.  note: public is not true public, it’s all logged in members!


To contact another using the members map you first search and locate them.
Then click their pin to show the details, if it is the correct contact then you can then click their name link and go to their profile.

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