John Cockerille

John has two sons and has been studying law and ‘freedom’ related materials for decades; he’s been to court as a sovereign citizen, he’s listened to every ‘guru’ but there was always something missing or not quite right in his gut; no longer has he any doubt whatsoever about how to be a man in the world;

Alton Bejko

Alton he runs several businesses and is actively applying the knowledge in his life; Alton has seen almost all fear disappear from his reality, and has already recovered his donation several times over;

Delphine Noelke

Delphine has taken what we share and truly embodied it as a woman; Anyone can do it… it just requires a willingness to learn the simple knowledge and the courage to face the truth of self; for one who does though: “this tool is like the super tool, because i can protect myself”

Lara Savill

Lara got much more than she bargained for when she joined the law for mankind knowledge share; here’s what she had to say about her time spent with us on the course;


Nick graduated (with great honour) from the first group of the law for mankind knowledge share; this is a statement he made to the group during the final class;

Greg Vogel

Greg was in the first law for mankind knowledge share group; we met to discuss his experiences on the course; Greg had studied every other ‘law’ or ‘strategy’ there is before starting the course, now at last he has come to peace with himself and the world; “Being able to play monopoly when I want to play monopoly, but be able to step out of it when I choose, has been a profound shift; all these paths before, they weren’t simple… this is simple…; to be in the world and not of the world – you and Jon you really showed us how to do that”