Email 1 – Promotion after Q&A

Subject: The only knowledge you need to break free of the matrix once and for all

Hi xxx

The last couple of weeks i’ve been sharing with you about the Law For Mankind Knowledge Share that i discovered recently and which has really transformed the way i move through the world;

The Q&A last night was epic, if you weren’t there, you can still watch the replay at the same link i shared last week.

i’m writing today though because, during the call, they announced that they were opening for enrolment into the 3rd ever Law For Mankind Group Study Experience…

Basically you get to study their core course alongside the hundreds/thousands of other men and women who join the group with you. There’s additional weekly review sessions with all your fellow students, and a whole load more besides…

and if you join as part of the Group Study Experience, the minimum donation is almost 40% less than they ever usually offer the course for;

You can find out all about it here

Law for Mankind Group Study Experience Special

They advertise it as the way to:

– keep 100% of the compensation for your own labour/work… without the need to lie
– protect your family and property against any attack… without the need to fight
– be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without the need to hide

… but it’s so much more than that…

For me, it totally shifted how i view and engage with the world around me – i stopped being the playing piece in the game of life, and i started being the player;

In addition to the Knowledge Share itself (which without the huge discount is usually $797 on it’s own), there’s free access to a community platform where we can study the material, then share, implement and grow alongside the other men and women who join with us, as well as weekly review sessions with the others studying alongside;

There’s already hundreds enrolled to start studying together on the June 7th.

There’s also a new locator map to help us find and connect physically with each other in our countries & areas who are also living free, as well as three live group Q & A support sessions and over 10 hours of LFM support session recordings;

Here’s the link again

Law for Mankind Group Study Experience Special

To your liberation!