Cara tissandier

Hi Russell, I would be up for that. Not zoom though… I use a friend’s laptop for the sessions as I don’t want zoom on my laptop. Webex is free with no download required. If Greg or Jon could sign up with a central email i.d then we could have a course virtual room that allows anyone one of us to meet another at anytime. It will essentially always be ‘open’. As well as using it for follow up sessions; let’s say two of us are chatting on the telegram group about something in real time, we could both agree to go to the virtual room and talk about it face to face instead and anyone else who is interested could join. There is also the ability to record so that others who cannot attend could watch it. I am not affiliated to webex but I believe it to be more secure than zoom.

I think this week’s exercise is tough and having the ability to chat through it and support each other would be useful.

Greg – this is where right and wrong comes into play and why it is such a tricky thing because ultimately it always depends on the exact situation you are in and who is answering! Would it be right for me to use common law to get out of paying for a speeding ticket if I was knowingly doing 80 in a 30 on a road with pedestrian traffic? Would it be right for me to use my knowledge of the law to get out of a ticket which came from me doing 55 on a dual carriageway (highway) that has a limit of 50 with good visibility and no other traffic (i.e no increased risk of harm being caused by my 5mph deviation from the rule)? The former is not morally/spiritually aligned and it would not therefore be right for me to get out of paying despite me having the ability to do so. I would expect a jury of 12 would agree I should pay. For the latter, if i was one of 12 on a jury and this was put before me, I would vote to dismiss the fine if the man/woman seemed genuine and there was enough evidence to support the claim that there was no increased risk of harm.

Back to the topic, if I am challenged for not wearing a mask, i will use my knowledge of the law – along with my knowledge of viruses and the effectiveness of masks as necessary – to politely counter any challenge that I should wear one. At a soul level, despite it being uncomfortable to enter into confrontation, it is the right thing for me to do in this instance and the only way to avoid a negative karmic reaction.