Cara tissandier

Hi, I am sorry i didn’t make it. I keep a smallholding so sometimes i struggle with times but i will try and make it this week. i have been toying with an idea, setting up a google docs or similar where we can create a set of templates of all the notices we (the ones on this course) need. That way we are sharing the workload and all working to create a template we can then quickly adapt to the specific i and send.
notice to claim property that is land (i.e a notice for your gate / home boundary)
notice to claim property other than land
notice to state taxes do not apply
notice to state harm caused by 5g/vaccines/etc and charges i will press if not remedied
etc etc

What do you think? I am struggling to write one without thinking how much easier it would be if we saw ourselves as one i and just wrote one template 🙂