sarah willoughby

ok so i went back and re-listened to greg and jon. Sorry I am a bit slow on the uptake.

I see I need to go to the Pension Co as a woman and set my law ie tell them they do not have authority to give away my property.
As yet I have had no paperwork from them and its unclear where the stolen funds now are. What IS clear is that it is the Pension Co who have chosen to withhold a chunk of my money from me and then submit a P45 to the HMRC citing my pension as a taxable source.

So I am putting together a notice based on what greg said on mon…. its not necessary at this point to do a correspondence.


i: a woman; going by the name of Sarah Willoughby; say i, write this notice to you: a woman; going by the name of Donna Sim; acting as head of operations for ReAssure Life; to claim in full my property: funds in pension number PP6 018285521;

i, say i, did request to receive my property, via a phone call with a ReAssure operative on 5 aug 2020;

i, state i, did receive a lump sum payment to my bank account of £X on 11 aug 2020;

i, state i, did call ReAssure on 13 aug 2020 and that an operative did state the final sale amount of the pension to be £(X + 11k);

i, require to see in writing any evidence that i: did give authority for £11k of property of i, being with-held, or given to a man or woman; acting as the tax authority;

i, ask for proof that said property is income or that a debt is owing before my property is taken from i;

i, say that you, do not have authority to deduct from the property of i, and that i, consider it a trespass by way of theft if you, do not return the funds, in full, in 21 days;

i, say you, may forward this notice to the tax authorities for their records so they may deal with this situation as they deem appropriate;

i, state all herein to be true and will verify at open court;

signed by i: a woman; Sarah Willoughby