Gary Quakenbush


to: the man or woman acting as account supervisor to the email and newsletter for the man operating the fyminbox@gmail.com on behalf of mailchimp.com;

i: gary; the man: state that i receive, and enjoy the weekly emails from the man operating the email newsletter from email fyminbox@gmail.com ;

i state that i have not encountered any spam or malicious material from this man, and that the emails and newsletter represent the content he states;

i say that should this man escalate his communication into a claim of trespass against any man or woman acting as supervisor to mailchimp, i will be happy to testify under oath before a jury of our peers to what i have just stated;

i intend to hear that this issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the man acting as author to the newsletter, and to the man or woman acting as supervisor for mailchimp.com;

i request an acknowledgement of receipt of this correspondence from a man or woman acting as an authority on behalf of mailchimp.com within 48 hours, to provide a confirmation of receipt of this correspondence.

gary quakenbush, the man