A private membership club

The Sovereign’s Way is a private membership club that shares knowledge of law and the Way to be free in the world; 

We offer the simple knowledge of how to: 

  • Express your law for your own life and property;
  • Harmonise your law with the creator’s law;
  • Bring forth peace and remedy to all controversy;
  • Uphold and enforce your rights at law as one of mankind;

Why a private membership club?

Not everyone wants mankind to be free; in fact there are men and women with vested interests who would rather see you give away your rights altogether;

A private membership club affords the safest container for us to share that knowledge, for you to receive it, and for those of mankind who act on behalf of vested interests to be held to account as a man or woman for any trespasses upon our private property and or rights;

Benefits of membership

  • All activities take place in the private
  • Access to full website including your own knowledge dashboard
  • Free resources including guidebooks on:
    • Understanding Law And The Nature Of Society
    • How To Protect Yourself And Those In Your Care From Trespass By Way Of Force
    • How To Give Notice To Protect Those In Your Care While At School
  • Access to the Law For Mankind Knowledge Share
  • Access to the Law For Mankind Mastery Archives

and much more to come…