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Can the “law for mankind” be used to require Smart Meters be removed from my property. Thanks.

I'm selling my flat (with no smart meter) to buy a smaller property which has smart meters for the gas and electric. I want to live smart meter free and want the smart meters removed. I'd like to know how I can correspond with the current energy supplier to require them to remove the smart meters from my property (once I own it) and replace them with conventional/traditional non-smart meters. Thank you for your advice.

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  1. I think you might be able to request that they turn it to a “radio off” meter (depending on the country)… which is at least better, but you need to test it regularly (I use a little Cornet 88 Meter which I got for around $200cad and it’s great for testing exposure in grocery stores and coffee shops too!), because they have been known to turn them back on again even if they say “they turned the RF off”… As far as I understand it, having them actually removed once they are on there is very hard… although if you find a way to do it I would be extremely interested to know!!! 🙂

  2. this was response back when i contacted them to remove smart meter on our house that i did not authorize it:
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us with reference to Hydro Ottawa’s smart meter network. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your request.

    The installation of smart meters is a policy initiative of the Government of Ontario. This initiative has been embodied into legislation through the enactment of the Energy Conservation Responsibility Act, 2006, Chapter 3 (which enacts the Energy Conservation Leadership Act, 2006, Chapter 3 and amends the Electricity Act, 1998, Chapter 15, the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, Chapter 15 and the Conservation Authorities Act, 1990, Chapter 27). The OEB issued the implementation plan on January 25, 2006. Subsequently, the Government of Ontario issued Ontario Regulation 425/06, which sets out the criteria and requirements for meters and meter equipment systems and technology. In accordance with the implementation plan and this regulation, Hydro Ottawa completed the mandatory installation of smart meters in its service area. Hydro Ottawa’s smart meter system fully complies with the Ministry of Energy’s Functional Specification for Advanced Metering Infrastructure – Version 2 dated July 5, 2007. Further inquiries regarding this specification should be directed to the Ministry of Energy.

    The Elster meters in use with Hydro Ottawa Hydro Ottawa’s smart meter network exceeds the requirements of Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, which is what Hydro Ottawa must use as a resource for ensuring the metering products we buy are safe. Smart meters transmit data several times per day, and remain dormant the rest of the time. When the smart meter is transmitting, the exposure to radiofrequency energy at a distance of 10 centimeters (4 inches) from the meter is more than 30 times lower than the exposure limit set by Health Canada. At a distance of 100 centimeters (40 inches) from the meter, the exposure drops to 3,000 times lower than the exposure limit. Hydro Ottawa is not aware of any studies, or credible scientific data which have confirmed that health issues are caused by the wireless frequencies utilized by smart meters. The smart meters in use by Hydro Ottawa transmit at frequencies between 902.8 MHz and 914.8 MHz, which is the same frequency band used by many household products such as baby monitors, portable radios and wireless speaker systems. In addition to the items in use in a typical home, equipment such as cellular telephone towers and other commercial communications infrastructure are often in close proximity to urban residential communities.

    Hydro Ottawa can offer a solution which does not employ wireless communications. However, this is a significantly more expensive arrangement and because it is a non-standard residential application, the cost would have to be borne by the person or entity requesting this arrangement. The last estimates for the meter and communication gear, including the modem, surge protector and the labour associated to install the meter and communication equipment would have an approximate cost of $2302.44. We will require a cheque for this amount to be delivered prior to ordering the meter and finalizing the design and installation diagram. The meter order time is approximately 3 months depending on when the order is placed. In addition, you would be required to hire an electrician to provide and install a 16” x 16” x 6” Nema 4 or 4x rated enclosure complete with a 120 VAC receptacle wired from the house electrical panel along with some conduit for the phone line. The enclosure installation will be similar to the requirements listed in MCS0066 though there will be some differences as this is a single phase residential service. We will have the drawing updated through our Standards department once we receive payment and confirmation to go ahead. Additionally there may be service upgrades (not included in the quote above) required to bring the existing metering up to our current specifications. The service layout would identify these costs, if applicable. At the time the layout is requested, it should be noted that a metering technician will also be required at the time the layout technician is present.

    You would also be responsible for the following:
    A dedicated phone line will be provided for the meter. It is believed the cost is roughly $55 per month for a commercial phone line, as an ongoing operating cost paid by you. Any maintenance costs are also your responsibility.
    Any issues with the phone line must be corrected within 1 week of notifying you of the defect. If the issues with the phone line persist for longer than 1 week, Hydro Ottawa will reinstall a Radio Frequency meter. Should the phone line be fixed after the Radio Frequency meter is installed, Hydro Ottawa will re-install the wired meter upon request and you will be billed the service labour associated with the installation of the Radio Frequency meter and re-installation of the wired meter. Each change is estimated to be 1 hour, the most recent rate information I have available puts this at a rate of $95.00/hour, though it has likely increased slightly from that value.
    The enclosure and communications equipment will be customer owned equipment and you will be responsible for any communication upgrade costs due to obsolete technology.

    Because this arrangement has not been made for a residential customer previously, some Research and Development would be required to ensure the solution is robust and working. This will take some additional test time and could result in further costs. If you would like to proceed, we would require that the costs be paid to Hydro Ottawa prior to the equipment being ordered.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,
    Hugh B
    Customer Service Quality Assurance Analyst / Analyste en assurance de la qualité du Service à la clientèle
    613-738-6400 | [email protected]

    Hydro Ottawa Limited / Hydro Ottawa limitée

  3. I’m currently looking for somewhere to live/rent (currently staying in refuge accommodation). i have been exposed to so-called smart meters for the past 4 months, & i do not wish to live with them in future, due to already experiencing electro-hypersensitivity over a number of decades. Therefore i would also wish to request an energy supply company replace the meters if i moved to a property which had them. Thank you.