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can you do a walk-through of the communication and notice with a utility company (water, electricity, …) about the installation of a digital meter (smart meter)

I, man have cooperated with inpowermovement to write a notice of liablity to keep these meters out, evidence material has been collected, the names of the ceo's have been collected, the constitution has been checked and scoured; now when I make a communication or notice there is this confusion; do I use the ceo's name? do I use the evidence material (from others and collected from the newspaper and publications)? how do I stay out of the contreversion? is remedy offer e.g.: offer to take a picture of the meter every year and send that to them? the utility's response includes things like, we are doing this for climate and the growing population? it would help to get examples so I man see this new language being used and so make of me.

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