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Child support back pay of 160,000 US dollars ruined our life when interjurisdiction court services pushed thru a child support agreement i signed in 2006. its a long story but the marriage is fraudulent it was a lie by fixing papers to say my ex wife was divorced buy wasnt she is an american i am canadian , i only did it for tax purposes, i also was a sucker to sign birthcertificate papers for her daughter at the time stated that i was the father. She left me 4 months later and took the adopted daughter and our new born son. For 7 years i drove to Washington from Canada paidn 100,000s or thousands of dollars till i couldt afford it anymore and i met a wonderful woman and started a new family. The Ex wife became very jealous and then stopped allowing me to visit my son in Seattle im canadian. Then in 2012 i got a call from my 7 year old saying hes not callling me dad anymore his mom is married and that man is his father. That was the last i heard from them and i said he could if thats what he wanted. Then 10 years later we got a letter in the mail to appear in court for child support back pay. Everything went down hill wages garnished, Family Maintenance Enforcement Program in Canada came after me for 3 years till they told me i would go to jail, they took my license, froze bank accounts and it was hell a living hell. my current wife and i decided to sell our home and they froze a 160,000.00 which is being held in trust by our notary republic till October when the boy turns 18 and then she will get all the money unless we do something. What can we do…..

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