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Could you please tell of any experience and offer any advice regarding the use of suppression orders? I am finding that, when a gag order is used to cover up illicit activities by government officials, it merely serves to allow the criminality to be perpetuated. It protects these same networks, while allowing them to inflict ongoing pain and damages on the target who exposed them, whether this was done intentionally or not. Meanwhile, by circulating a ‘mea culpa’ through the manipulation of sophisticated telecommunications algorithms, ie by forwarding the gag order to all the Targeted Individual’s recipients of phone calls, texts and emails, these authorities are able to overwhelm, confuse and frighten new members of the public. This is a clever way to drive the t

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  1. Your post was truncated . Because you put it all in the subject line looks like.

    1. Can we please just delete this truncated post and focus on the complete version I sent a few minutes later, ie the one immediately above this one? Thanks.