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feedback on work correspondence no to vax

i, drafted a Correspondence for work that i state, i would appreciate feedback on. There are 20 people reaching out to me for help. Since work places are going to require the jab and mine just did (if i am lucky and granted a religious exemption i get to test PCR up my nose 2 times a week, while working from home). i do not consent to any test or jab. i; a woman, Kathleen would love to go to court with my work.
24 September 2021

To the woman; Payal Pharma; who at times acts as : Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer;

i; a woman; Angel Warrior; do state that on Tuesday, 21 September 2021, received email correspondence from a woman; Payal Pharma, email states, a woman, Payal Pharma requires of i; to give status of vaccination in biological property of i; or get a vaccine put into my biological property;

i, state; i, retain and reserve all of my God-given rights including sole possession and sole use of all my biological materials and /or biological property, which are granted to me by my Creator;

i; state that i retain the right to decline all attempts to access, influence and or otherwise alter any and all of my God-given biological material and or biological property which are unique, flawless and original design and craftsmanship of my Creator and of which my Creator has granted me sole possession, proprietorship and use of;

i, state that i require that any and all product offered to me by a woman, Payal Pharma, give evidence will not harm my biological material, or biological property and be entirely retrievable from and removable in its entirety from my body, biological property at the conclusion of each and every work period each day;

i, state that woman, Payal Pharma, does not have jurisdiction of my biological property and offer of status, vaccination and/or pcr test is unlawful detainment;

i, state that i have the right to decline the offer with no retaliation and i shall give energy of work and be compensated for work as agreed.

i, state all herein be true and will verify at open court;
with thanks,
Angel Warrior, a woman

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  1. Who are we really; how do we ; stand; in our pure soul power;-

    Wow sooo interesting; thx for your work herein with these issues; all are mankind; whether they are aware of themselves as i; or not;

    Hu beings are being escorted into much more en lighten ment due to these rights of Mankind issues across the globe; when i approaches a guard,; a false authority and an un authorized substance to be embodied; i asks
    Who am i; really; for me – and i say this with great humility…. i am
    God. Pure perfect whole ; no matter what; fear- false evidence appearing as real is – our shadow; tapping us on our collective and individual shoulder ;is; to be faced and then cleared; as All actions made ; come back; The Mahatma Ghandi when being struck by an escort in disruption replayed after being struck; i hope that you did not hurt ; yourself.