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Hi, many thanks for your work. I want to exit from the system, but I am a single parent and one of my children has special needs and is at a specialist school. I also have been dragged through all authorities (police/social services/court) by the father of my children for 5 years with false allegations who used them to try to abuse me, which he did. He emotionally and psychologically abused our children throughout. I was unable to protect them because of my fear of him and because of how and the way in which he engaged authorities. All allegations were shown to be false at great effort from me and living in constant fear, documenting everything due to every single thing being potentially used against me. I won at court full custody of the children and it is these very government agents who now protect me from him. I have done a lot of psychological and energetic work on this but I know this is an unfinished piece of work. I see that we are in a matrix and I want to break out. How do I do so without jeopardising my safety (our elder son is vaccine damaged and he has tried to use this against me in court and force him to take more through a court order, thankfully he did not follow this up, and he has been violent to me and lied to our children and to my mother and to authorities concerning so called abuses that have never taken place, he has been sadistic in lies and vindictiveness and I have worried for my children’s developing minds. How do I exit the slave system, live free and still stay safe from the father of my children? The other block I have is that the state pays for my sons special school and it is essential as I am physically unable to care for him all the time myself and it has had a very positive impact on him. Wanting to break free of the slave system however and establish a charity funded special needs school/community that is outside of the state because of the corruption and lies from the top feeding policy. I have refused the covid vaccine for him which the NHS were pushing on them as they are at all special schools now. How do I continue to refuse and not give reasons to government agents for this and also keep my child out of school for the day and days following the jabs on school premises without lying? As someone who has had government agents used against them and experienced a lot of fear because of that, been forced to engage with them and risked having my children taken away, but who now is protected from abuse from my ex by a court order and these agents, how can I reconcile this, and being dependant on a specialist school system at this time, with coming into my free and inalienable rights as a woman and mother?

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