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I have done a long research into three hypothesis- CQV Trust and its wealth (1), Bond certificate (2) and that we are under admiralty jurisdiction (3). 1. Apparrently CQV Trust hypothesis is based on One Heaven group and their Positive Law Book with canons, which was made up by them. How can it be credibe and how do we know there is wealth for us in CQV Trust? 2. Similar apply to Bond certificate, I cannot find any proof it exists (we are presumed bond indded by e.g. paying taxes but this is different to paper bond issued). 3. Admiralty jurisdiction is based on, that we are a vessel etc.- no proof of that apart from interpretation of flags and one case in US between Erie Railroad vs Tompkins which officially is called the biggest error of “justice” system. Actually from my understanding there is one jurisdiction- statutory and we are presumed to be under it by acting as a statutory person. Could you please clarify those 3 hypothesis. Thank you

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    1. Many thx, very interesting interpretation, really.
      However, these are issues:
      Where does he have it from that Act 1666 refer to Admiralty law?
      Where it states all men declared dead?
      It only gives opportunity to declare one PERSON dead and this is totally different to ‘all men and women”.
      Where it stated dead means incapable? This is pure interpretation. Could I called us stupid as incapable? Apparently incapable could be stupid but not dead?
      Another issue is it applies only to the UK and 7 years do not apply in other countries in regard to be ‘lost at the sea”.

      Another thing is that in many countries Trusts are not acceptable and not recognizable (e.g Poland) so how could any trusts theory works in that case? And he does not prove that Trust theory applies to the whole world however he tries these are his pure statements based on One heaven interpretation (or maybe One haven based their Positive law canons on this guy) that this Act 1666 was passed under international Admiralty law (where does he have it from?). Sorry but in Poland subject being “lost at the sea” is covered in Civil law Act and polish slave (statutory person) is deemed dead “lost at sea’ after 0.5 year.

      He repeats One- heaven group (I mentioned in my question) and their canon 2035 in regard to Fide Commissary Trust etc.

      However his interpretation of Admiralty law etc. (starts at about 20 min.) is very interesting, I like it but how this prove Act 1666 apply to the whole world? This is his another speculation which fit the very logical story.

      Certificate of live birth in Poland is not sent to Vatican unless the lady in hospital in archive department lied to me but she clearly stated what is going on with documents in a hospital. There is no Vatican.

      He also uses word human- this is not real (wo)man. Hue- means color or hew- to cut, what means color of a man or not full man (placenta cut?). This is another ‘human’ word interpretation.

      I must admit, his story make nice sense but all of that are just statements not supported by proofs but interpretation of available documents.
      But I took some interesting info in consideration.

      Generally very good video, still a lot of speculation but much, much , much better than anywhere else I found and thank you for that!

  1. I live in Australia and have done a lot of research, have received my 1099a but have not used them yet know one here seems to know what should I do and can we open a beneficiary account