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I would love to hear how Greg and Jon would respond if police were called to remove them from a store/doctor’s office, etc for not wearing a mask. Not a written notice, but how you would speak and respond to remove the controversy in person.

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  1. Yes please! i do not know how to respond to a shop owner who says that i am in a private business and must leave unless i wear a mask. i even have a doctors medical exemption but have been refused entry on occasion.

  2. I almost had an encounter like this but decided to leave the store instead as it was the only one i ever had a problem with and not one i went to much; it had been more than a year. But later i thought well, if the police came it probably wouldn’t have been a big deal as i would have spoken to him or her outside the store (w/o a mask); i would have asked what is the law being broken here? What law? Police would only have been called if i refused to leave the store… in which case – yeah “disturbing the peace”. It just didn’t seem worth the bother but if this condition escalates could be worth knowing. The big stores know they cannot enforce a mask “mandate” since they are a public accommodation with “no duty of care”. The smaller businesses have had the threat over them of fines, and i didn’t want my local natural food store to close because of this so wore a mask there only. Now they let customers come in with no mask though the employees are still wearing them. Made be think later, maybe cameras were put up to see who are those that don’t comply with the state mandate toward another agenda. Hum. i don’t think the mask thing will escalate where i live in S. Oregon, but it may be something else more serious like if they send military around to administer shots by force. My property now has a gate in that event which no gov. person can legally cross.

  3. yes would like to know as well. last year, when costco implemented their face shield/mask policy that removed all medical exemptions, i stood my ground and waited for police to arrive, they never came. costco refused to serve me, refused to look at me, even though i read all my “rights” and all the right words– i still could not buy anything, no worker helped me, they looked OVER my head like i didn’t exist. i left costco defeated, 5 kids in tow ( and carrying a newborn), they denied my family food. no compassion, stone cold looks from all the workers.