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If greg and jon walk around freely without mask or passport, I’m wondering: 1) did they serve notice and press their claim on these mandates to the man who sometimes acts as the prime minister of their country? 2) was part of the remedy they required to provide a paper that says this wo/man is exempt from any mask/vaccine mandate? 3) is that paper effective in dealing with various agencies? what supports the effectiveness of that paper (if indeed there is one)? For example: Here in Canada vaccine-free and unvaccinated persons do not have the privilege of travel by train or plane. If i press my claim with, and receive remedy from the man who sometimes acts as prime minister of Canada, what is the simplest way to create ease for myself in subsequently moving around? Pre-emptively send a notice to the wo/man who sometimes acts as head of Via Rail, and each airline, to inform them that i am a wo/man who is free of any mandate? Be prepared to educate each agent of the train or plane company?

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