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If i cannot be fined for something i did not consent to e.g. a public health order to wear a mask; or any mandate – being an order, if challenged by anybody including a police officer or business owner, can i simply say, i do not consent; i am not required to accept your order. What do i do or say if a police officer issues me with a fine?

For the first time this week a business owner, with whom I have had a friendly relationship for 18 years, asked me to leave his premise for not wearing a mask. He admitted he feared the threat of a $5000 fine for allowing someone without a mask into his shop. I have a medical reason for not wearing a mask (predates learning about my property/body rights) and carry a Statutory Declaration, that he asked to see. I politely declined; explained he had no right; contravenes my privacy rights; assured him that i understood the pressure he is under, as am i; that i was the one responsible for dealing with any policeman or policewoman; he then allowed me to complete my transaction. i do not know what he will say if i return to his premise. i feel like i want to write him a correspondence, not to escalate to a notice, but simply to provide some education. He provides an essential service – postal and Justice of the Peace; services not available anywhere else in my locality.

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