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If you collect government pensions (in Canada we qualify at age 60), and we are covered under a government run health care system, are we disqualified to collect these pensions and health care if we become sovereign? This is a really important question.

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  1. While I don’t lie in Canada, I am in the US and collect Social Security (for as long as it will be available if the whole financial system goes down) & wondering is SS will go away if claiming sovereignty?

  2. Related to this question, I would like you to address the position of Pensions from a U.K. perspective.

    I hear to get the state pension, you need to have made a contribution of 12 years minimum to be eligible. Also, yes, by adopting the sovereign way, do we fall foul of the current U.K. pension and NHS system?

  3. I recently retired in the US and receive a government pension and health benefits. Would I still receive it if I became sovereign?

  4. I would like to know everything about how this works in canada but pensions and cpp are important as a senior. also…working and not paying taxes are top questions for me

  5. I am a retired fire captain from Loa Angeles Ca, I to want to know if I claim my sovereignty, will I still be able to collect my pension.