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Is this only for USA. Or all countries about the voluntary taxes (that deepstate make us pay on everything single thing). Iam in South Africa ??.

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  1. We have a lot of taxes here in israel and all is being very supervised. Also We have biometrical ID document and biometrical passport and I don’t want to do it so I can’t get out of my country, is there any thing I can do to bypass it?

  2. Yes, Canada taxes the heck out of us here. Would like to know the answer to this question too.

  3. South Africa ?? included. All countries that have had any association with Britain have one thing in common: the Law. US = Canada = Aus = Nz = ZA = BW etc. Here’s how you can Id. them: they all have a ‘2 party’ political system with the main party and the official opposition which are but two sides of the same coin, serving the ‘real rulers’ that operate from behind the curtain..