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My uncle is a greedy and abrasive man. He is a doctor and he makes a lot of money. He is jealous of my father’s and my mother’s estate. I live in the UK and some years ago, I went to therapy. He manipulated my mother into supplying information on my mental health. My uncle has acted in a strange manner when around me, trying to intimidate. When he acts as if he is friendly and concerned, I don’t believe him for a second, for he has said threats to me before. I recently noticed that there is an entry on my medical record that says “organic personality disorder” (2020). While I do not know what that means, it is pulled out of thin air. I have not been aware of this, and I haven’t seen any healthcare professional since about 2016. I have never been diagnosed with any disorder whatsoever. I am sure that this is my uncle’s influence. What steps should I take if I am acting as a man that is willing to remove the said entry from my medical history? I would be phoning the hospital which my person has been assigned to since birth, and I would be talking to my former GP doctor who seemingly made that entry. Am I correct in assuming that I would never agree to physically go to the hospital to discuss this matter?

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