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please help me figure out how to approach taxes as a woman versus someone a business owner with a LLC and a cash balance retirement plan; do I simply stop paying my quarterly taxes and reply as I: a woman when a man or woman from the IRS contacts me via mail? or do I need to change the entire structure of my business out of the LLC and stop contributing to the retirement plans?

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  1. if you’re not bulletproof sure on what to do, don’t stop paying taxes to the IRS.
    you can be in and out of the system – to your advantage. if your LLC is of advantage to you, dont give it up.

  2. Can you add to this a discussion about Private Membership Associations. I see Sovereign’s Way is set up as a PMA or private club I guess it’s called in England? I set up at PMA/ ministry for myself and do business with only members and take only donations. I’m still learning how to navigate it all, and when do I stand behind my PMA and when do I need to assert myself as an individual.

  3. i have a similar question, somewhat similar situation – receiving distributions from an LLC as a partner with 2 other family members. The LLC owns commercial property free and clear and receives moneys for the lease. I would think i as a woman could remove this as “income” however, I do also pay quarterly estimated taxes and file a return that is prepared by a professional. If i stop paying the quarterly, and stopped filing then i guess i would simply deal with the response from an agent. If there was no agent writing then what would be the way?

  4. Furthermore, I have had various dealings with the irs trying to stop paying taxes which should have been successful but was not, in part bc i was not well informed enough about how to do it. So, learning from that, i would not want to make this change unless i knew for certain i was going about it in the correct way. Also, at this point i do receive a supposed benefit from the government having signed up for Medicare. It’s not free to me, i pay for it and for additional add on health insurance but it is discounted and i have no idea what it would cost me to have private health insurance at my age (66). So, i suppose it is true that receiving this benefit then precludes me from being able to change my status as a “taxpayer” in the system…
    Would you please speak to this? Thank you.