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Question: I just paid over $30K in capital gains taxes to IRS (I’d like not to have done so if I’d known more), after sale of my home. I also paid state taxes in Hawaii and California. I filed late and now they want me to pay interest and penalty fees. So how do correspond and question them and notice them, about … what exactly do I say??? What laws state that I am obligated to pay anything, and how do I re/claim more of the money I already sent them???

Feedback: WHERE ARE THE TEMPLATES? I need to see actual written templates for notices, with actual language, in order to practice and learn how to write notices. It is unrealistic to expect me to write notices without actual examples of wording and formats. Watching you edit documents on a video doesn’t help me learn anything when I have no hard copy of concrete example to study. Also, it is difficult to hear the proper wording when Jon often slurs his words when speaking. Being able to learn this foreign material requires explicit teaching tools. When will you be providing detailed templates?

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