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Regarding the Exercise for Module 4 (notice for owing income tax): The example response, in which we say we will honor the debt as we are capable if the claim is proven true, post due, etc. would only work if we actually were not acting as an employee or earning ‘income’ officially through a business in that time period correct? If however, we were being paid as an employee (claim is true) but the income tax were to cause those i care for harm, could I still respond with such a notice when showing proof of harm?

If we have not yet been able to change life situations to remove ourselves from titles yet, such as employee, yet the obligations of that title (income tax) causes us provable harm, could we still come forward as a wo/man stating that there is a harm? i.e., when we still have our titles but harm is occurring, can we still come forward as a man/woman to try and remedy the situation?

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