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Specifically how do I remove myself from the income tax system, and reclaim previous taxes paid?

We know it's possible, we need to know the steps to do this so we can all be free.

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  1. They’ve been taking our money illegally for decades and we don’t seem to have a say in the matter. Nor do we get a say in how they spend it. It’s absurd and needs to end.

  2. How do we leave the tax system? It feels impossible. The politicians do not have our best interests at heart and I’m tired of paying into a broken system that doesn’t care about its people.

  3. In the U.K., I am only aware of Mark Kischon Christopher (Live life claim which is the same as J Gould in US) that teaches removal of tax as HMRC are not writing to us in our correct names as man and woman, but as a corporate. In the U.K., I hear that many have had success joining the Universal Law of Trust also but for that you are assigned the name of “minister Emoven” and then an ID no.

    Neither of those processes resonate for me.

    Both systems suggest that we need to change our names or initially the name in our U.K. birth certificate dead name.

    How is Sovereign way’s process different in relation to paying taxes as a woman and man which removes us from the system?

    Also can you also deal with other taxes in U.K. like Capital Gains tax (from selling a house) or Corporation tax please?

    1. Yes, I have the same interest as you Noor, with regard Capital gains from selling a house and other taxes.

  4. It’s so unbelievable that THEY can take taxes from a pensioner on a fixed income. Taxes on top of taxes….! Definitely needs to stop!! NOW.

  5. Let us know if this procedure is the same under German law / European countries? Thank you.

  6. Yes! I would love to know the details of how to do this in Canada and stop giving money to a corrupt government.

  7. Also in addition to the above. How to remain free of stamp duty on house purchase

  8. All taxes are illegal – from payroll tax to the water we drink .. I want to be reimbursed for all the moneys STOLEN from all of us !!!

  9. Would the removal of an individual from the IT system also enable that individual to avoid PAYE tax (such as on their private pension income)? … and is this worth bothering about at this stage if Income Tax is soon to be removed under the new system to be implemented by the Alliance?

  10. I am starting a Book Arbitrage (buying books and selling books on Amazon Prime) business on Amazon. How do I change my profits from income to say a donation or compensation so it not taxable?