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UK: New School Bill proposal – threat to home educated children (second hearing ystd 23rd May next examination of the proposal on 8th June) – proposes a “register” for children not in school, failure to register or to provide information requested by local authority potentially resulting in a prison sentence or £2,500 fine. Belonging to the register will involve giving any information requested to the local authorities, informing them of any change of address, and reporting all activities in which the child is engaged when away from their parents. The current law is that home education is the default and that parents can ‘opt in’ to the school system to discharge their responsibility to educate their children. How would you suggest a home educating / unschooling family should go about this if the Bill passes? Thank you

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  1. 3 of my grandchildren are home schooled in U.K. What happens if parents don’t know about this new law and it’s effects on their ability to continue home schooling?