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when dealing with mask and vaccine mandates/regulations to enter into supermarkets- is writing a notice the best way to address this situation or are there better options? and if so, who is the notice addressed to, when the mandates are government requirements and enforced by security guards at the entrance?

I know greg and jon mentioned to pick your battles and just choose a different supermarket at some point in the course, but where i live, on a small island, my choices are limited and they are all enforcing the same things because it is "mandated" by the government for all business to have certain "covid protocols" in place. It's either you comply with their so called "law" or they just don't let you in.

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  1. what to do about Costco, who implemented their own policy that does not acknowledge medical exemptions at all, and all shoppers are to wear either mask or face shield supplied by Costco? Can a Notice be sent to the store manager successfully, or are they allowed to do whatever they want because they have asserted their private standing with memberships (not opened to the public, membership only). Is the answer to cancel membership?

  2. Coosco is a private member club so i would assume they can make their law as they please.

    Through i am curious as In the case of other considered public venues, grocery store, cinema etc.
    they are operating in the public but are still a private business, are they creating a harm/controversy if they set their own law, Can we write them a notice? And to who, the owner, the security or manager that are upon our rights