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Where or how can we find enforcement and accountabilty on the transition from the De Facto to sovereignty when you have claimed your status on the Land and Soil jurisdiction as our Creator intended us to be? When you have done your due diligence to Notify and have more that sufficiente evidence through plenty unrebutted affidavits and Proof of Claims, statements of Facts still standing from the Corporate Government? If we get rid of the hidden glitch which is “COPYRIGHT”, we certainly can eliminate the thin line that has divide us for so long, entrapping us between extremes and unable to find our middle ground which is “we are all one”. Then we certainly can build communities and worlds in Peace and prosperity as it was intended. FEAR means False Evidences Appearing Real, and when you can see through the veil of illussion, the fear is gone and you stand on the truth, on the facts, on the light which is our Divine Self.

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